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Revenge recap: 'Sabotage'

Emily hosts a charity auction, Marco woos Nolan, and Daniel drops a million bucks on a bottle of wine

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Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe

When you get episode title like “Sabotage,” you can’t help but look for betrayal everywhere. That’s how I spent this episode — picking and pulling at the various relationships, trying to discover who the traitor would be. Did you know right from the start? I’ll admit, I fell for the Aiden red herring, hook, line, and sinker. But to be fair, he has been looking pretty shifty of late. Let’s dive in!

A be-masked man lies prone on the floor. Aiden’s pointing a gun at him while Emily uses her customary voiceover to wax nostalgic about sabotage. Wait… Did Aiden betray Emily? He couldn’t have. And yet, as he walks past the dead man, we catch sight of his infinity tattoo, and there’s no denying that something (nefarious or otherwise) has happened. Is Ems… dead?

Flashback two days. Emily’s sorry that Aiden had to see her kiss Daniel. “Like it or not, Daniel is the best remaining link to the people who destroyed our families,” she explains. But Aiden’s got other thoughts on his mind. He reveals that the Initiative woman Helen got in touch with him and told him that his sister Colleen was still alive. He hopes to milk this connection so that Emily doesn’t have to sleep with Daniel. How thoughtful.

Emily goes to visit Daniel at Grayson Global. He’s hoping for hot office sex, but she’s not too keen on the idea and suggests they take things slowly. Too bad, Christian Grey. Daniel gets a call from Helen (who was everywhere this episode) and asks Ems if they can meet later. She’s got no problem with this as it gives her the chance to eavesdrop on Daniel’s convo with Helen from his secretary’s line. Worst assistant ever? I think so. Helen counsels Daniel to invest in a company that will triple its profits in the next year, then advises him to look into Nolcorp’s early R&D.

At the Hamptons’ prison (or you know, wherever baddies get locked up out there), Jack says the cops tipped off Kenny. So on top of the suspicious brothers, we’ve now got dirty cops. Lovely. Amanda insists no one will believe the drugs belonged to Jack, but he notes that the gun was registered to his father. Erm… well then. Not much hope there. Basically, Jack just wants Amanda to butt out. He’s afraid the Ryans will target his family if they keep poking and prodding.

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