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Revenge recap: Occupy Daniel

When Daniel is released from prison, Emily discovers he may have more in common with his parents than she realized. #OccupyDaniel, indeed

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Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe

So the Winter of Our Hamptons Discontent continues.

Sure, Emily helped prove Daniel’s innocence to New York State regarding that little matter of Tyler’s murder. But she’s now judged him guilty of a far greater existential crime: being a Grayson. How expertly Revenge has dispensed with its many tangents to get Emily back to her main mission: payback. Last week, she re-upped her vendetta when she finally realized that Conrad Grayson had her father killed. And now she has even greater fuel to add to the flame in the form of one Daniel Grayson. Yes, Daniel decided to show solidarity with Conrad and Victoria in his televised interview with Cynthia McFadden—ABC synergy!—even after he learned all that they had done to David Clarke. So he’s really one of them after all, isn’t he? I’d say, though, he’s plotting something of his own against his parents at this point. If I thought he actually had a brain, that is.

EW commenter StarGazingB said during our live chat last night that “It’s still snowing in this alternate universe East Coast that is Revenge!” (As opposed to the balmy ‘70s that most of us experienced in New York this year.) And, likewise, the hearts of the 99% hadn’t thawed at all toward Daniel, even despite Lee Moran’s jailhouse confession to Tyler’s murder. Protesters gathered outside Rikers, upset over the swift and mysterious end to the new Trial of the Decade—move over, Casey Anthony, Scott Peterson, Take Your Pick. #OccupyDaniel was now even trending on Twitter. Or as commenter LuckeeShev87 said, “I’d like to occupy Daniel.”

But it was a different prison that was on Emily’s mind in “Absolution.” She was identifying every one of her father’s former neighbors in his cell block. (Nolan Snarkgasm of the Night: “Now what? Cross-reference it with the Grayson Christmas card list?”) Maybe the Graysons had arranged payments to one of the prisoners’ family or arranged for a pardon, anything to sweeten the deal to have one of them shiv her father. Suddenly, though, she got the urge to visit Charlotte, fearing that her half-sister was spiraling down the rabbit hole that is Oxycodone. When she found her sprawled out on her bed, Charlotte was having “Father/Daughter Time,” which meant reading articles and books about David Clarke. Among them, she pulled out a photo she found among Victoria’s possessions. A photo of David Clarke in his prison jumper dated April 22, 2002. The day he died. Emily had obviously never seen this one before, so she scrutinized it as closely as she could without arousing Charlotte’s suspicions—not that she had to worry since Charlotte was drugged out of her mind.

She noticed that her father was writing into a journal, and she definitely did not have a journal entry dated the day he died. That meant it was either never placed into the Infinity Box…or Nolan deliberately withheld it from her. When she called to ask him about it, she did so from, um, inside his house and caught him red-handed as he tried to spirit that final journal away from his safe. The thing was, not only did that final journal show David at his most paranoid, it led back to someone Nolan himself cared about.

NEXT: The contents of David Clarke’s last journal revealed!