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Revenge recap: The Trial of Daniel Grayson

Daniel’s trial comes to a speedy, satisfying end

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Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe

Ah, so that’s why Emily made an imprint of Lee’s key!

Is Revenge well plotted or what? Last week, many of us were left scratching our heads as to why The Schemer Formerly Known as Amanda Clarke would need to make a mold of the Grayson henchman’s car keys. Now we know it’s because this way she could plant incriminating evidence in his car that would save Jack, exonerate Daniel, and implicate Conrad and Victoria in Tyler’s death. Never mind the fact that when she made said mold she had no idea Jack had held onto his bloody hoodie. Emily’s faith in the Gods of Revenge was so strong that she knew, she just knew, some piece of evidence would turn up. She needs to thank those Gods of Revenge—or at least the hereditary idiocy so obviously present in the Porter family—for serving up such a gift.

As “Justice” opened, two long months had passed. It was now December 16, two weeks into Daniel’s trial. The Hamptons, previously all sun-kissed and bright, were now gray, windswept, and snowy. During our live chat last night commenter StarGazingB noted how this show pretty much exists in a different world: “Love how in Revenge land it actually did snow around this time, when in real life there was hardly any snow on the east coast.” Revenge showrunner Mike Kelley told EW’s Tanner Stransky that they were going with the Overlook Hotel effect to depict the Hamptons in winter: the strange eeriness that befalls a resort, or in this case resort town, during the off-season when everyone leaves. Considering that weather has only played a meaningful part in Revenge once before, during that episode when it rained, the Graysons’ winter of discontent was staged magnificently.

In the courtroom, the prosecution was just wrapping up its case with a highly melodramatic, Actors Studio-style reenactment of what the State thought happened on the beach the night of Tyler Barrol’s death. Ashley continued her rise to PR power as the Graysons’ mouthpiece. And Declan had just received a subpoena to testify about what exactly he saw that night. Of course, Ashley’s spin as to why Porter the Younger would recant his initial police report about the hooded man? “He’s a highly emotional young man…I’m saying he’s a teenager nursing his first broken heart. Draw your own conclusions.”

NEXT: The Wild Amanda Chase of 2012 comes to an end, but Jack keeps holding onto that bloody hoodie as if it were a security blanket.