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Revenge recap: 'Chaos' theories

So who got shot at Emily’s Fire + Ice engagement party? Read on and find out.

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To quote Darth Vader, “The circle is now complete.”

Well, almost. Sure, “Chaos,” the long-awaited return of Revenge to the events of its pilot, did circle ’round to that infamous Labor Day Fire + Ice Ball at Grayson Manor. But if you expected closure, think again. With the revelation that it was indeed the Talented Mr. Barrol who lay dead in his white tie on Southampton’s beach, not Daniel Grayson, a whole Pandora’s box of new questions has been opened: So who is the killer, anyway? Was the person who snatched away from an unconscious Daniel Emily’s purloined photo of the 1993 Grayson Global Retreat the same person who did the shooting? Did Daniel, in fact, get shot as well? How did Takeda track down Tyler and Amanda to their barn house hiding place? If Takeda was the shooter, or at least arranged for Daniel to be framed for Tyler’s murder, why exactly has he decided to hijack Emily’s revenge plot for himself?

Here’s what we know: One shot was fired, followed by three more a few moments later. Then, someone wearing a black jacket, white dress shirt, and black gloves (probably on the same hand we saw pull the trigger in the pilot) reached down and grabbed that Grayson Global Retreat photo from Daniel, as he lay sprawled out on the beach.

If you watched–and, again, get thee to Hulu if you haven’t because thar be many, many spoilers ahead–“Chaos” was pretty much just that: a lightning-paced thrill ride that never lost sight of its myriad messed-up characters and their complicated emotional baggage. As Josh Bowman (Daniel Grayson) told EW’s Tanner Stransky, “I actually sort of felt bad for Tyler, because he had no one. If you look at it from that point of view, you could feel bad for him.”

Well, my mercy only extends so far, Josh. And I wonder…if I am slightly disappointed with “Chaos,” is it because I felt absolutely nothing at Tyler’s death? If Revenge had pulled a Ned Stark on us, if it had killed off Daniel Grayson, that could have been a powerful demonstration of how innocents can easily be the unfortunate collateral damage of any vendetta. It would have immediately made us question, really for the first time, the righteousness of Emily’s mission–even if she had nothing to do with his killing herself. But with Tyler, I think the main thing all of us are feeling this morning is “Good riddance.”

That minor quibble aside, “Chaos” could not have been a more riveting hour of television. It opened with Tyler, as many of you had suspected, revealed as the one who stole Emily’s “Revenge Box” out from underneath her floorboards. Why isn’t he in a padded cell somewhere? Good question. He wasn’t “locked up,” he was “put up” at the Springhaven Hospital for the Criminally Insane, which I suppose is Camp Cupcake for the super-wealthy and mentally ill. (Tyler Douche-ism of the Night Vol. 1: “Speak of the Devil…or rather, the Devil’s daughter.”) Not only had he stolen her box, he’d kidnapped “Amanda,” tied her up, and threatened to kill her if Emily canceled her engagement party or called the cops. Hey, if infiltrating your former Harvard roommate’s family, interning at his father’s company, and sleeping with a technocrat to land a $20 million contract don’t work, getting the fiancee of your former roommate to pay a huge ransom is the next best fallback plan, right?

NEXT: Tyler recruits Amanda to be his new ally.