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Revenge recap: Set Fire to the Rain

Charlotte’s true paternity sends shockwaves through the Grayson clan, Daniel proposes to Emily, and Declan gets an education.

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Revenge Commit Proposal
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Julius Caesar famously said, “The die is cast.” John Paul Jones said, “I have not yet begun to fight.” And Emily Thorne said, “How’s June for the wedding?” All classic examples of determined warriors vowing to pursue their battles to their final, irrevocable conclusions. The last of these came to us in the final moments of “Commitment,” an episode that seemed mostly an exposition-heavy bit of setup for the emotional fireworks to come. This was sadly the last episode of our beloved Hamptons sudser for the next two weeks. But even a setup episode of Revenge seems to pack more twists, revelations, turning points—simply more plot—into one hour than most other shows would ever dare. You know what I’m talking about: the departure of “Amanda Clark,” not with a Labor Day party bang, but with a whimper; Conrad at last discovering Charlotte’s true paternity; a rain-drenched Daniel proposing marriage to Emily; attorney Ryan Huntley revealing himself to be one of Emily’s confederates; and, worst of all, Victoria telling, or at least Daniel inferring, that she was raped by David Clarke. So when Emily told her beau “How’s June for the wedding?” you knew all bets were off, all doubts were silenced, all remorse squelched. The Graysons will feel her wrath, no matter the collateral damage she leaves in her wake. Is your head spinning, or what?

“Commitment” began immediately where “Infamy” left off, with Emily reviewing the interview tape she swiped from Mason Treadwell’s torched home in which David revealed he’s Charlotte’s father. This proved to be spectacular new ammunition for her to use—to further divide the Graysons in the midst of their family-sundering divorce battle and to implicate her juvie doppelgänger, “Amanda.” Nolan was a little shocked by how unemotional Emily was to learn she has a sister. He wondered if her concern for Charlotte—not to mention Daniel—might shake her steely resolve. She barked back, (Emily’s Ice Cold Threat of the Night), “I came here for revenge. You offered to help me. If you can’t stomach it any more, how about you at least spare me your passive-aggressive judgments?”

Daniel continued his separate vendetta to bring down Conrad by working with Grayson Global. He found out for his mother and her attorney Ryan Huntley—remember, David Clarke’s counsel who wouldn’t press for his appeal?—that the company was being investigated by the SEC. It seemed like a throwaway line at the time, but I wonder if that was a seed Revenge planted to set up another component of Conrad’s inevitable downfall. I mean, if Martha Stewart can go to jail, surely Conrad Grayson has a long, long list of offenses, beginning and ending with, um, terrorism.

NEXT: Jack and “Amanda” return from Atlantic City, and Declan gets an education!