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Revenge recap: 'Revelations'

Nolan becomes the center of a love triangle, Daniel stages a coup, and Jack discovers his father’s shady past.

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Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe

After last week’s flashback episode, I was glad to return to the real world. It wasn’t an atrocious episode, per se. It just didn’t really tell me much I couldn’t have learned in present time. It felt very gimmicky, and it took me out of the actual storyline, flimsy as it is at the moment. But that’s the problem. When you can’t keep up with your own story in the modern day, why complicate things with a look at the past? Anyways, enough of my rant and on to the winter finale!

Conrad decides to deal with Daniel’s betrayal by going skeet shooting — a mistake since Victoria kicks his ass at it. Conrad’s not concerned about the vote of no confidence. He knows Nolan’s company will fight the takeover and thus give him time to clear his good name — or so he says to his other shooting companion, one Salvador Grobet (aka Ramon Salazar from 24). Conrad wants to convince the wealthy Central American investor of his competence. Too bad he’s fighting a losing battle.

Elsewhere at the same picnic/party/company retreat, Emily and Aiden — clad in the appropriate safari attire — are discussing their plans for Grayson Global. Nolan, none too pleased with being a sacrificial lamb, is even less happy with the actual firing squad present for Nolcorp’s demise. “I’m sorry about your company,” says Ems, but Nolan reveals he has a plan. Emily is surprised. “How’s that feel?” Nolan quips. “Not so fun, huh?” Good for you, Nolan. Time to stand up to her.

At the bar, Jack invites the Ryans to the christening. The two brothers shoot each other a loaded glance when Jack mentions that “Dad’s old friends” will be attending. I shoot the TV an eye roll. Back at the shooting range, Daniel’s making his own play for Salvador by introducing Ashley and Aiden. Well, mostly Ashley. See, Salvador’s a fan of exotic young things (ew). Daniel, presumably in an attempt to impress both Salvador and Ashley, calls for a clay pigeon, but Emily, badass that she is, steals the shot. Catching Salvador’s eye, she tries to convince him to vote for Daniel.

NEXT: Between one betrayal and the next, Emily still has time to attend a christening.