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Revenge season premiere recap: Season 2 premiere, 'Destiny'

Emily returns from her scary Japanese training just in time for another Hamptons summer — and guess who’s still alive?

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Revenge Recap


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Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe

“You think she’s somewhere looking up at us?” Ah, Nolan, how I have missed thy snark.

Revenge kicked off its second season much in the same way as its first. As we skimmed out over the ocean, I assumed we were looking at the wreckage of Victoria’s plane, but it turned out to be Jack’s boat the Amanda and we were three months into the future. Now instead of waiting for Daniel to die, however, it’s Jack we’re worried about.

Three months earlier, Emily is undergoing some sort of fancy water-boarding to unlock her memories of her mother. She’s tied to a pole in the ocean, looking much like one of the victims in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, while Takeda and Aiden look on. On realizing that the Graysons’ conspiracy ran much deeper than just the death of her father — they may have killed her mother as well — Emily reunited with her old mentor to become stronger. For a second, I’m actually concerned. We saw Emily make so much progress last season — she went from a seemingly unfeeling avenger to someone questioning her single-minded purpose and the harm it caused to those she cared about. I don’t want her to revert to that machine. What makes her such an amazing character is the fact that she’s different from them — not just the Graysons, but pretty much everyone in the Hamptons. If she keeps up her quest for vengeance, how long is it before she loses herself completely?

Moving on, we cut to a shot of Daniel getting ready. It’s almost Memorial Day weekend, and the Graysons are hosting a, erm, memorial in honor of Victoria’s memory. Ashley strolls on up to Daniel from behind and plants a kiss on his cheek. Wait, what? Cue the sound of record scratch. Apparently, Daniel’s had no trouble forgetting about Victoria or Emily… And yet, as he stands on his porch and looks out over at Emily’s nearby Hamptons house, there’s something sad in his eyes.

We join Jack in the hold of his boat, playing with his compass — a compass we glimpsed on the ocean floor at the start of the episode. Does this mean he’s our mysterious body? Only time will tell. Jack’s depressed. Declan informs him that the bar is going to be inspected, but Jack only tells him to postpone it. Amanda waddles down into the hold — she’s looking ready to pop, that one. Amanda also tries to get Jack off his feet, but he begs off her concern. “Once the baby comes, things will be different.” Never believe a man when he tells you that, Amanda.

Meanwhile, Charlotte (aka Jenna from 13 Going on 30) is in the best rehab center imaginable (though why I’d expect anything less escapes me) complete with chandeliers and fancy white couches. She’s committed to her recovery and hopes to be out in time for her mother’s memorial, but Dr. Thomas says that he’s not sure she’ll be ready by then. There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark. He’s following Charlotte a little too closely for my liking.

NEXT: Nolan’s finally back. And he’s shirtless.