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Revenge ended with a revelation that should go down in infamy, even if we saw it coming from a mile away: Charlotte Grayson is David Clarke’s daughter. Well, now we know why Victoria told her shrink she experienced regret about having another child! That makes Charlotte Amanda’s half-sister…unless you want to take the conspiracy one step further and say that Amanda is also Victoria’s daughter, in which case they’re full siblings and Amanda is getting it on with her brother. Hey, it’s not so far-fetched. Incest is trending on TV these days. See Game of Thrones. Don’t you guys think it’s a little too convenient how Amanda’s mother “died” before any of the decades-spanning events we’ve seen on this show?

Anyway, I began by paraphrasing FDR because last night’s episode was, in fact, called “Infamy.” But before that final twist, most of the drama centered on another Grayson, young Daniel, who may have found a way to have his trust fund and marry Emily too. He decided to put business school on hold—what’s a Harvard education these days, anyway?—and stay with his dad’s company, dredging up secrets that could help his mom in the divorce. Conrad had his lawyer stipulate that Daniel wouldn’t be able to access his shares in Grayson Global until he turned 30—or got married. It’s not like there’s any chance of that happening, right? (By the way, Merrin Dungey’s presence as Connie’s lawyer makes me endlessly nostalgic for Alias. I maintain that Victoria is Amanda’s mother. But, if not, Amanda’s mother must have faked her death and had the Alliance of Twelve get her genetic re-sequencing to become Merrin Dungey and bring Grayson Global down from the inside as Connie’s lawyer!)

Suddenly, Victoria had a dilemma: give up on Daniel’s bid to take over the company or allow him to marry a woman she’s never trusted. Presumably, she’ll go for the latter, hence her “I approve!” speech at Daniel and Emily’s Labor Day engagement party. After all, as Ryan Huntley, her own legal counsel, had put it, “Conrad stipulated a marriage. Not a successful one.”

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