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Revenge recap: Tyler's got a gun

Tyler loses his meds and his mind. But what would Daniel’s birthday party be without a little gunplay?

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Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe

This was a real nice clambake,

We’re mighty mad we came.

The villains we thought

Were tough, were not

The company was insane.

Our hearts are cold, our bellies are churned,

And we’re not feeling prime.

This was a real nice clambake,

And we all had a real bad time.

With all due respect to Oscar Hammerstein, these lyrics more accurately convey the mood of the Graysons’ birthday clambake for Daniel. Actually, they probably would have worked better than Lissie’s episode-capping emo-pop cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” too.  For weeks, ABC’s commercials for Revenge’s January return touted gunplay. Could it be that prime time’s tastiest new drama would in fact circle around to the events of its pilot and show Daniel getting shot? As it turns out, no. That will have to wait. (Expect altered lyrics for “You’ll Never Walk Alone” in this recap when the Grayson scion meets his fate.) But that doesn’t mean Tyler wasn’t armed and dangerous nonetheless. That most pernicious of Hamptons schemers—his toxicity could qualify for Level 4 Biohazard Containment at this point—finally met his downfall at the hands of…none other than his own psychotic, unmedicated wits.

But first, introductions are in order. I am Christian Blauvelt, Entertainment Weekly reporter and veteran cataloger of televisual bitchery in recaps of Desperate Housewives, The Real Housewives of Orange County, The Amazing Race, and Community. Okay, the Community recaps mostly involved me bitching at NBC for pulling the funniest show on TV. From now on I will be your recapper as well as the host of our weekly viEWer live blogs for Revenge. And what an episode for me to make my debut!

“Duress” opened with Emily being held at gunpoint at Daniel’s birthday party. Before you could say “J.J. Abrams” it jumped back in time to two days earlier. If this intricately plotted, flashback-heavy tale of powerful females and their inscrutable motives didn’t already make you wax nostalgic for Alias, then surely that brief appearance of Merrin Dungey (Francie/Fake Francie!) as a Grayson legal counsel did.

Victoria was looking for a way to render Conrad’s pre-nup null and void so she could tap his fortune. The only way she could do that, her lawyer advised, was by getting her hands dirty.Victoria replied with the most obvious statement of fact of all time: “My hands are already dirty.” I assume this is setting up some inevitable “Out damned spot, out!” moment. Her lawyers planned to say that since Victoria was pregnant at the time the pre-nup was drafted she hadn’t been “mentally competent” to agree to its terms. Ingenious! The only problem? Victoria wasn’t pregnant at the time. She only said she was to get Conrad to marry her, then conveniently “miscarried.” Her team would have to find a doctor willing to lie under oath to that effect.

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