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Reign recap: Intruders

Mary pulls Bash into her revenge plot, while Catherine faces off with the Red Knights

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As Reign continues to expand its universe, our favorite characters are spread across Europe. As much as I’m already craving a Mary-Catherine interaction, I’m admittedly very intrigued by Scotland. Sure, there’s room for additional plaid, but overall, the setup of Scottish court and the people who fill it has added some new flavor to the show as it barrels toward the season 3 finale. Mary has a whole new set of obstacles to overcome, new haters to face, and probably an entirely new wardrobe to show off. Scotland is going to be fun, you guys.

But, Reign has never been about just one queen, so let’s check in and see how each of our three fierce female monarchs is faring by themselves.

Scotland: Mary and Bash — also known as Pauline and Pierre — have begun to put their plan to get Duncan and the rest of their Clan McPhee captors to take them to Munro, who, as you may recall, is their ruthless leader and the man who ordered the hit on Mary that ended up causing Francis’ death. Mary’s not a big fan. And while she’s happy to hear Duncan buys the idea that “Pierre” would like to ransom his own sister in order to get some sweet cash from her very rich fiancé, Bash is worried. If they’re brought to Munro, it means they’ll be surrounded by Scots whose defining characteristic is that they hate Mary Stuart. Bash is pretty adept with a crossbow and all, but taking on an entire Scottish clan? Even Bash understands he has limits. Well, too bad for poor Bash — Duncan is taking his pair of French nobles directly to Munro; he needs approval before he can take up Pierre on his offer.

Welcome to the Land of Clan McPhee! Sure, it’s cold, wet, and all of its inhabitants are inflicted with resting bitch face, but these people sure know how to party! Upon arrival, Mary and Bash are immediately taken to meet the infamous Munro. He seems like a decent enough dude — he invites the pair to stay for a big celebration, offers Mary clean clothes, and even has an actual Scottish accent. Very impressive for these parts! His true colors show quickly, though: He pulls Bash aside, has his sword confiscated, and informs him that he’s sent a scout to verify their story. If they discover there’s no rich fiancé waiting to marry “Pauline,” there will be consequences.

Before we get into those, there’s another Stuart in town we should discuss. Meet James, Mary’s brother! He’s regent of Scotland while his sister is away, rocks fur coats like nobody’s business, and has made some questionable decisions when it comes to advisers, by which I mainly mean president of the He-man Woman Hater’s Club, John Knox. Knox gets word that Mary survived the shipwreck and needs help, but instead of alerting James, he informs the regent that his sister is dead and it’s time to go into crisis mode. Since James is Mary’s half-sibling, he has no real claim to the throne. The next person in line is Lord Darnley, who is Catholic, so naturally Knox detests him. Knox does his best to manipulate James — who, at this point seems very sweet — into dissolving the monarchy entirely and instating a Protestant government ruled by nobles just like Knox. What a great guy, this John Knox!

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John Knox is actually more terrible than Munro, which is saying something. Back at the McPhee party, Munro and Mary share a dance and the two proceed to flirt with one another, which is especially entertaining since we know they each have ulterior motives. Mary’s invited back into Munro’s chambers to take a look at the treasures Clan McPhee found in the shipwreck, and she’s excited about it — she’ll be alone with Munro and finally able to get revenge for Francis’ death. It’s perfect! Once again, Bash is hesitant. He doesn’t like the idea of Mary being alone with the dangerous guy. Little does Bash know, Mary tuned him out hours ago. She tells him to be a dear and make a diversion so they can leave as soon as she finishes her business here.

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