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Red Band Society recap: 'Sole Searching'

Leo deals with jealousy following Jordi’s operation.

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Carin Baer/Fox

Red Band Society

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Tonight’s episode of Red Band opened with Queen’s “Hammer to Fall,” an appropriate choice for this show, as this song tells about the inevitability of death while still living life.

Like any good teen on TV, angsty and emotional Leo is full of inspiring speeches. The episode begins with Leo, Dash, Kara, and Emma playing golf on the grassy knoll (Leo uses his new prosthetic leg as a club). They’re waiting for Jordi, who is about to have his surgery, and Leo gives a speech loaded with gravitas and a sprinkle of cheesiness as to how important it is for him to be there for Leo when he wakes up. For some light humor, Kara has redesigned the hospital gown into an outfit that is so sexy it could sell on Victoria’s Secret. As they wait, a frat house (oddly located across the street from the hospital) is throwing a party, making Leo nostalgic for his past, and he reminisces, once again, of when he was a cool kid on a soccer team. Insert flashback of Leo with a mop head of hair playing soccer. As per usual, Charlie narrates this episode, discussing various philosophical points and taking numerous jabs at Kara.

Jordi goes in for his surgery, but when Dr. McAndrew cuts, he finds that Jordi’s problem is much worse than he had thought. (Maybe Dr. Mc should’ve done his own research rather than just having the teenage patient translate a doctor’s analysis from a different country?) He decides it’s not necessary to cut the leg at this moment, as it might not even be beneficial.

When Leo learns that Jordi got to keep his leg, he is wrought with jealousy. This reaction was an interesting turn of feeling for the idealistic orator, who, only moments before, was lecturing the others on how to behave and be supportive to Jordi. Instead of going to see Jordi as he had promised, he finally wears his prosthetic leg, and he and Dash escape to go to a frat party. Once at the party, Leo does an excellent job playing a typical frat boy. He is a jerk to Dash, dismissing him from the party. He shamelessly flirts with the ladies, and even succeeds in making out with and almost sleeping with a college girl. But when she brings him to the bedroom to do the deed, he tries to stop her. When she incessantly tries to remove his pants, he is too ashamed to tell her the truth about his leg, and calls her a “slut.” She appropriately bounces, returns to the party (though she forgets to put her shirt back on) and leaves him alone in the room. This moment hit hard. For many teenage boys, this situation is a dream come true. But Leo is too insecure about his condition, and fearing that this girl would reject him, he rejected her first—just like we know he did with Emma.

Back at the hospital, in girl world, Kara and Emma are both getting tested in the hospital recreation room. Kara’s heart is being tested on the treadmill, and once again, we have to hear the joke of, “assuming you have a heart.” Yes, Kara is a jerk. There is also such a thing as being a professional and an adult, as well as not repeating the same joke over and over… and over and over again. Emma, in the meantime, has her weekly weigh-in. She not so subtly wears a Yale sweatshirt as she announces that she wants to gain 10 pounds so she can go to the Yale summer physics program. To achieve her goal weight, she gulps down water and stuffs her bra with coins. While Nurse Brittany weighs Emma and proudly announces that she has gained one pound, Kara harasses Emma, saying that she knows she’s packing extra weight. Kara knows all the tricks. But she drops pestering Emma when she hears her “moms” have come to visit her.

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