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''The Real World'': Real issues, serious boredom

On the most substantive episode of this season of ”The Real World,” the housemates take some hurricane victims up a mountain, and we start missing all the drunken fights and hookups

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The Real World: Denver

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”The Real World”: Real issues, serious boredom

How is it that this episode probably had more substance than any other Real World episode this season and I have absolutely nothing to say about it? Sure the Outward Bound footage was touching, and it was nice to see the roommates work through their issues instead of yell, scream, and down beers, but maybe it’s time for me to admit that I actually get a kick out of the ridiculous drama (basically, the drinking, fighting, and sex) that was largely absent tonight.

Maybe that’s why MTV has been able to keep this show on the air for 18 seasons — people just love hookups, conflict, and absurdity. I’ve noticed on the message boards that some of you TV Watchers will even say things like ”God, how can I still possibly be watching this show?” But you just can’t stop. It’s like a car wreck on a highway: You cringe when you see it, yet you can’t help staring. Yes, that’s it: The Real World is a car wreck, and we are the not-so-innocent bystanders.

Okay, enough of my trying to get all philosophical here.

In this episode, the roommates continued on their Outward Bound journey with teenage boys who were victims of Hurricane Katrina. Stephen wasn’t back from his sister’s wedding in time for the big trek up the 13,646-foot peak. Even Brooke seemed to be annoyed by his absence. (She has absolutely no place to talk since she’s the one who had a ”broken ankle” and missed out on much of the training. Not to mention she bitched and moaned about everything having to do with the wilderness, particularly that the forest didn’t have mirrors.)

Tyrie continued to be a surprisingly good motivator with the campers. (As far as I’m concerned, that’s helping him win back some points after the Jazalle fiasco.) The kids took to Ty because he’s so easy to relate to — especially when he says things like ”My thick behind got up on top of that small peak up there and went nuts! And you know what? I’m going to pull a repeat tomorrow. You know why? Because I don’t see not one person here not being able to do this.” Ty gets the award for best OB intern for this trip. He even made one of the campers, Tyron, cry! Which also made me want to cry a little, but don’t worry, I didn’t.

Speaking of crying, Stephen was acting like a baby about the others’ criticism of his performance. He felt like he was ”getting crapped on” because Colie and Ty told their boss, Chris, the truth about his behavior (and it definitely was the truth — Stephen was ready to hit the road the minute he got to the campsite). What’s worse is that Stephen acted all pissed off at his roommates for not confronting him with their feelings: When exactly did they have time to do that? Anyway, I was happy to see that it all seemed to be resolved in the end and that Stephen showed some maturity by approaching both Ty and Colie in a calmer manner than, say, Brooke would have.

I’ll leave you guys with a few questions. Were you a little bored with this episode, too? Who was that random blond girl eating at the bar with Stephen and Alex? Would you agree that Davis is a major instigator in the house? (For example, he told Stephen that Ty thinks Stephen is ”integrated” in the white culture. (But isn’t integration supposed to be a good thing?)) Finally, who’s ready for Brooke to lose it once again next week?