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''The Real World'': Brooke hits bottom

On ”The Real World,” Brooke rebels against her Outward Bound trainer by turning exhibitionist; plus Colie has a new crush

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The Real World: Denver

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”The Real World”: Brooke hits bottom

A tally of Brooke’s indiscretions during her short time so far on The Real World: Denver:

1. Saying, ”I love to look like a whore!”

2. Throwing a tantrum after not being able to find the infamous nail salon.

3. Asking if it’s okay to bring a mirror to Outward Bound training.

4. Hiking in her undies.

5. Wiping herself in the middle of camp.

Yeah, I’m rolling my eyes, too. I don’t think there’s been such a drama queen on this show since Beth on RW: Los Angeles. (Unfortunately, we’ve all had to suffer the wrath of Beth on the Real World/Road Rules Challenge.) In all fairness, I don’t think Brooke’s underwear was all that terrible; at least she wasn’t walking around in a thong. I do, however, think it was entirely inappropriate of her to get annoyed after her boss, Chris, asked her to put her pants back on. Instead of following his instructions, she put on another pair of tight bottoms and said, ”I’m more concerned about my comfort, and my comfort means wearing these shorts.”

Then to top it off, Brooke wiped herself in plain sight of the rest of the campers. Did Pooping 101 not teach her anything? Did kindergarten not teach her anything? I’m glad she told Chris the next morning, ”I would never do that in front of children, though.” But why oh why would you do that in front of your boss? I so picture little girl Brooke as the kid in the toy store screaming at the top of her lungs, ”I waannntttt Total Manicure Barbie now!” who keeps fussing until she gets her way and the attention of the entire store.

It was very big — and oddly mature — of Alex to have a one-on-one with Brooke about her piss-poor attitude toward life. He’s probably the last one I would expect to help her, especially after the way she blew up at him over washing dishes at camp, but he seemed to have made a hole in her ”bubble.” I thought it was a very real RW moment (maybe one of the first we’ve seen since the season premiere) when Alex asked her what she wanted out of life and she replied with sad eyes, ”To be happy,” and he said to her, ”I think you can do it.”

Another touching moment: seeing Tyrie cry! He’s normally Mr. Tough Guy, and to watch him be so scared of rappelling down the cliff was somewhat embarrassing and somewhat sweet. Imagine that — Dark Kent has a sensitive side! Of course, he later explained he only cried because he was happy he conquered his fear of heights, not because he was scared. I’m not so sure I believe that, but either way, I was glad to see that side of him for a change.

Colie seems to have conquered her mono with the help of Outward Bound food delivery boy Adam, who is so cliché it’s not even funny: shaggy hair + sideburns + anorak + cargo pants = camp counselor. Apparently the two lovebirds cuddled while she was alone with him, which of course means he’s her boyfriend now, right? Maybe she shouldn’t threaten to call Adam’s brother to hunt Adam down if he doesn’t call her. Has she learned nothing from her attempts to woo Alex?

So what do you think? Will we see more of granola boy Adam? Will Brooke eventually get herself fired from the Outward Bound program? Why would Davis ever want to have sex with her? How bad does Jenn look without makeup? And finally, what’s going to happen next week when Stephen finally loses his temper?