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''The Real World'': Alex disturbs the peace

On ”The Real World,” Alex and his ”friend” Stacy make too much noise, and Colie loses it, even though she’s still involved with Adam and Corey

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The Real World

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”The Real World”: Alex disturbs the peace

Welcome back to The Colie and Alex Show, where former hookups compete to see who can make the other more jealous while pretending they don’t care.

We begin our show with Stacy, some blond chick Alex refers to as his ”friend,” who he then brings back to the Denver pimp pad to sleep with. Who is this girl anyway? When she walked into the house, she said hi to Colie and Brooke as if she’d known them for a while, so why have we never seen her before? Maybe because she’s always so wasted that the producers couldn’t use footage of her out of pure embarrassment. Luckily, she wasn’t too drunk to remember where she got her nails done when Brooke asked — we all know how important that information is to Brooke’s well being.

Something not so important for anyone to know: what Stacy sounds like when she’s having sex! Man, for a second there I thought I was watching HBO or some other channel that allows such vivid sound effects. If I were her, I would be humiliated to have that air on TV; bet she’s regretting her 15 minutes of fame now!

The next day, Colie got mad at Alex — shocker! — for supplying the unwanted soundtrack of moans. She may have had a good reason to be mad (no matter if she likes Alex romantically or not, it was disrespectful of him to be so loud), but she also sounded ridiculous getting angry at him for hooking up with Stacy. Here I thought we were over this whole Colie-has-the-hots-for-Alex bump in the road by now — guess it was just wishful thinking.

Alex made a very good point later when he said, ”How can [Colie] be so upset at me bringing over Stacy when [she’s] bringing over Adam?” The RW house is becoming like my second-grade class: It’s all about who can bring in the coolest show-and-tell item.

Speaking of Adam, I agreed with Brooke when she said, ”I would be very embarrassed if I were him. He lost his job so he could be with a girl. That’s embarrassing.” What exactly was the whole point of Adam quitting Outward Bound to be with Colie if they were just going to end up being good friends and nothing more? Not that I was ever that invested in him anyway — his stringy, un-combed hair was too much for me to handle.

One of the reasons Adam was being cautious about getting more serious with Colie was that her ”un-boyfriend” from school, Corey, was planning a visit to Denver. I don’t understand Colie’s relationship with this guy: She tells him she loves him and misses him so much, yet she goes on dates with Adam and acts like she still has feelings for Alex. She really needs to pick a lane and drive in it, because her indecision has become pathetic.

I was surprised to see Alex basically admit to Colie that he liked her because it came out of left field. If he really liked her, wouldn’t he be trying to get to know her more instead of hooking up with other girls? I just don’t buy a relationship between those two because it seems so contrived and convenient.

What do you think? Was Alex being truthful when he told Colie he liked her? Do you think Stacy and Adam are out of the picture? What’s going to happen when Corey visits? Why would Tyrie and Jenn want to get involved in this mess? Is Colie drunk all the time, or does she just talk that way? And would you be willing to contribute to a fund to buy Brooke some pants?