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The Real Housewives Of New Jersey recap: 'The Day of Jacqueline'

The ladies begin their Florida vacation while back in Jersey, Jacqueline returns just in time for everyone to move away.

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey

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When one friend is dealing with national legal troubles and the other is still recovering from a potential health scare, it makes total sense to abandon those relationships for a little personal R&R in Florida, right? Well, that’s what Melissa, Dina, and the twins concluded as they began their vacation to Boca Raton without Teresa Giudice—even though the whole trip was planned to get her mind off her recent court hearings—and Amber, who decided last minute not to go when her doctor told her at her five-year cancer checkup that her blood work was inconclusive. To be honest, the women are perfectly fine that Amber has to miss out on the fun because that way, they can actually have some fun.

The first half of the trip could be subtitled “The Estrogen Moments,” the first couple of days without any husbands and their testosterone. Though you should remember ladies that packing a 75 pound piece of luggage without a man to carry it on the other end will only result in some frustrating moments where you’ll really be dying for some Y chromosomes. And look at that—just on cue the producers the hotel has sent a young shirtless pool boy named Jeff for everyone’s enjoyment, specifically Dina since he’s single and ready to mingle! But we already learned from the Serendipity date that Ms. Manzo doesn’t fit the cougar bill well. (Nicole’s vision must be better than any High Definition camera since her only complaint was that she wanted to pluck the hair off Jeff’s nipples.) Back in Jersey, Bobby could somehow sense that he should be bothered (I assume a picture of Jeff’s nipple was sent to him?) and texted Nicole “Tell the pool boy to watch his hands.”

Of course now Dina has to ask about Nicole and Bobby’s relationship and the added pressure she must feel from Teresa since Rino apparently wows her every day. But even though they look alike, the twins are very vocal about the fact that they have very different tastes in men and what works for one usually doesn’t work for the other, i.e. Nicole is nowhere remotely attracted to Rino in any way, shape, or form. Dina is really able to relate to this situation though, maybe a little too much since her ex Tommy is actually the brother of Al Manzo, her sister Caroline’s husband. That’s why they have that same last name Manzo even though they are both members of the immediate Laurita family.

The one housewife who did take that name of course was Jacqueline, who kind of made a return to the show tonight after kind of leaving after last season. Needless to say, it’s a little unclear what her official place is now on the show since she apparently only actually filmed scenes with Kathy, who also isn’t really on the show any more, or at least not as an official housewife. Here’s what we learned from her return: She hasn’t changed at all. Though well intended and with much more sensitivity than Amber, Jacqueline reached out to Teresa through text message to see how she was dealing with the trial and to let her know that she and her family were in her thoughts and prayers. Just reading the text responses makes Jacqueline cry and makes Kathy roll her eyes since Teresa’s response clearly indicated that she wasn’t ready to resume their relationship just yet.

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