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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap: It's Raining Diamonds, Hallelujah

Kim confronts Taylor about her drinking, then possibly, hopefully not, gets drunk in Paris.

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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills
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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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The episode began on a positive note. Kim woke up that morning feeling in love with the world. She arrived at Kyle’s house in high spirits, looking a decade younger than she has in seasons past. (I still don’t see a difference between her old nose and the new nose but it’s her money. Or Bravo’s?) Kim settled herself down on one of Kyle’s sofas and sighed looking out the window onto the pool. Oh how she loves a view. Don’t get her wrong, she loves loves loves her new house but she has no seating and you know how much she loves seats. Hold up, turtle shells on the wall. She loves loves loves turtles. Yay life! Kyle started getting that twitchy look that suggested she might soon yank Kim by the hair into the powder room and whimper that she was embarrassing the family again. But Kim switched gears and expressed worry over Taylor’s drinking that culminated in that worrying call en route to the airport last week. Kim wanted to confront her and she wanted Kyle at her side. A nervous Kyle wondered if maybe the two of them could just talk behind Taylor’s back and leave it at that? But Kim wanted to take action so the sisters once more leaned their big heads into a little phone. understandably nervous. “Taylor,” they said in disconcerting unison. “It’s Kim and Kyle.”

Mood shift! Ken was enjoying his morning by feeding the swans of course. “That’s perfection isn’t it?” he said, marveling at his black and white birds sharing some day-old brioche. “Black and white living together in harmony.” And I think to myself, what a wonderful world. Lisa and Ken would soon be off to St. Tropez to visit Ken’s grown son Warren, who Ken raised since he was 2 years old. Warren married Lisa’s friend Sue, which sounds awkward. Lisa emerged from her enormous closet with various flowy pink dressed that Ken lovingly urged her to pack for their island retreat and I marveled again that somehow we don’t begrudge this charming couple their gargantuan cocoon of wealth. Who was that lesser Giggy on Ken’s lap? That dog is the Jennifer of Real Housewives. Worse even, because Bravo doesn’t even bother putting up a caption of its first name. Also, I’d watch a show about the housekeeper Maria.

Meanwhile Taylor welcomed the sisters into her home. She was dressed up in business casual because she’d had a meeting with her accountant earlier. Don’t get her started anyone. She directed her friends over to a sofa which led Kim to marvel once more about the wonders of seating. Kim refocused and cut to the chase. “I do recognize when I see somebody who has a drinking problem.” (Ooh, that clip reel of sloppy had to hurt. “Taylor is in a suitcase!”) Interestingly Taylor’s face didn’t curdle nor did she get defensive. She said she doesn’t drink very often but the drinking helps the pain go away. “If two drinks helps you forget, then four you start to feel a helluva lot better for a little while. And the next day I wake up and am in the darkest place I could be in.” Kim sweetly joined her on the sofa for a big hug. “Alcohol is so easy! It started to affect me in a way that I was embarrassing myself and my children and I see that in you.” Taylor then acknowledged that she has a problem. I think?

NEXT: Taylor’s lips insist upon personal space from Yolanda.


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