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The Real Housewives of Atlanta recap: Housewives Don't Grow on Trees

Kandi heads down to Nashville, while NeNe hits a therapist’s couch for advice on her divorce. 

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Real Housewives Of Atlanta

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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The episode opened with Cynthia and Peter basking in a particularly dewy case of afterglow.”So good morning,” Cynthia harumphed in the kitchen.” So, what’d you think about the one year anniversary?” Peter smirked, without looking up. “I think it went great!” Blue birds sang, candy hearts appeared in little thought bubbles above their crabby heads. They moved on to the subject of their Mal storm and her outburst at the party. “There was a point where I was just really like, Is she drunk? Has she just lost her mind? Is she going through a mid-life crisis?” said Cynthia. These were all valid questions, even if they’re directly ripped from last season’s comment boards after the woman said I Do.

Kim had Kandi back over for lunch, though this time without her great defender Sheree. After all the tension that erupted between these one-time buddies over Kim’s brief music career, “we didn’t need anybody throwing extra sauce,” said Kandi. “Yeah, but what did you say about me?” shot back Kim. Oh God, this again. “I did agree as far as saying that I didn’t think you was going to be in Africa.” Ten bucks that Andy presents her with a black baby at the reunion so she can prove to the world that she would in fact hold one. They made up and after a lunch of Bagel Bites and Kraft Mac n’ Cheese played two out of three at Connect Four.

NeNe’s breasts and earring took a meeting with her divorce lawyer Randy and a nervous-looking associate named Thad. “I’m a good woman, if Gregg and I divorce somebody’s going to come along and scoot my good ole ass up,” she smugly told the audience at home. (Yes, and his name is John’s Wallet!) But the woman was having misgivings. Should she sign the papers or let her feelings simmer? A little bit of Thad died inside during her stalling and he started to think about what three toppings he was going to put on his salad at lunch.

It was Apollo’s big day, but the poor dear was nervous about speaking in front of a group. On the phone, Phaedra tried to pump up her man. Really woman? Your best advice for Apollo is to look in the audience at the Mason Lodge breakfast and imagine everyone nekkid. (My advice for the man: Don’t drive and read.) Apollo looked nervous up there with the mic, but then Phaedra and his baby appeared at the doorway like a scene straight out of Cameron Crowe movie. This relationship wins Season 4 Most Improved.

NEXT: Ugh, Dwight.

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