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The Real Housewives of Atlanta recap: Timeliness is Next to Godliness

Kandi finally confronts Mama Joyce and Kenya confronts everyone else as the ladies head to Savannah

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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There’s a reason I watch these absurd reality shows and it’s not just to revel in people wealthier than me acting like they have no home training at all. It’s not to risk permanent eardrum damage, for the gaudy fashions, and it’s definitely not for the narrative arcs. I watch because, no matter how producer-encouraged their actions may be, or how specific the world, these shows are a big-picture glimpse into humanity. The Real Housewives of Atlanta is a lens into a part of the country that I love and don’t get to live in anymore, and a socio-economic class that I will likely never be a part of. But no matter the differences between me and the cast of RHOA, humanity is universal, and at our core, most of us have the same human instincts.

That’s why it was both difficult and interesting to spend most of Sunday night’s episode wondering how a few of these humans could use any sort of reasonable justification to act the way they do. Perhaps some people really are that clueless (Kenya) and definitely, some people really are mentally unstable (Mama Joyce). And while I should reasonably know that by now, this show serves as a reminder: Some people just stay tripping. I don’t get a lot of that in my regular life (imagine me doing a “thank the Lord” hand lift), so I tune into The Real Housewives of Atlanta to see exactly what motivates someone to get on a bus of their peers that they will then have to spend the next three hours with and start screaming at them. Let’s see if we can crack this code.

Everyone is gearing up for the trip to Savannah, including Nene, who’s stomping around her luxurious closet in a leopard print pashmina while Gregg tries on all of her accessories. She wields her phone like a limp-wristed light saber and says, “Yes, Gregg is a queen” as she tells him he has a curfew while she’s away. I love their marriage 2.0. Before Kandi can go on the Savannah trip, she’s got to figure out what to do about her Mama Joyce problem after last week’s cage match, so she heads over to Cynthia’s for advice.

Cynthia does some A+ facial reacting while Kandi tells her about the OLG (“old lady gang”) trying to shoe-bludgeon Carmon into submission last week. Kandi finally has the breakdown that’s been a long time coming, crying that she doesn’t know how she can have a wedding if her family won’t even come. Cynthia tells her that the problem won’t go away just by nixing a big wedding and when Kandi tries to say there’s no changing Mama Joyce (again), Cynthia earns the most respect I can give any of these people by telling her, “you’re just going to have to fight for this.” It takes work to get past a huge thing like your mom not liking your fiance (or trying to kill your best friend in a bridal shop), but if Kandi wants a relationship with Mama Joyce and Todd, she’s got to keep working until she gets there.

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