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The Real Housewives of Atlanta recap: Family is Forever

Cynthia argues with Peter and Mal, Kandi argues with Todd, Nene argues with Porsha, and Kenya argues with anyone who will listen.

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RHOA 611 Recap

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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This was an interesting episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. While ratchet as ever, it also featured many of our beloved and bedazzled housewives being semi-understanding, somewhat concerned, and/or happy for one another. And, dare I say it, listening a little. Of course, it also featured a rapidly dissolving marriage and a bankruptcy claim waiting to happen, so don’t worry, you’re in the right place.

Tonight’s episode was still all about drama — namely, the family variety. Phaedra briefly stops by Kandi’s sprawling estate to watch her feed salt and vinegar Pringles to the cutest bulldog in the world, and also inform her that Chuck is a straight up pig. Kandi mostly laughs off the idea that he tried to reduce them to Falcon groupies because it’s 2014, and they’re the Big Homies now.

Mal, the gypsie sister, has her beading kits (caboodles sold separately) spread all over Cynthia’s dining room table. She tosses a few bracelets her sister’s way and Cynthia is just a little too grateful for someone who’s letting their sister live in her house for two months. Peter struts in, probably to wreak havoc, but Mal beats him to the punch. When Mal first entered the RHOA stratosphere, I thought I had found a kindred spirit in my disgust for Peter. But Mal is beginning to reveal herself as a little crazy and, worse, supremely bad at arguing. She immediately tells Peter that she’s there to try and mend fences (and if a couple bead dollars fall in her purse along the way, so be it), but she feels like he started in on her right away.

Peter is not only pretty good at arguing, on account of being a sociopath, but he’s also a little right in this situation (UGH). Last week, Mal came unannounced and invited herself over for a two-month sleepover and by Cynthia not consulting with Peter privately, she didn’t give him the courtesy of possibly being courteous about Mal’s arrival. That’s not my take on things; that’s an actual synopsis of what Peter said, sans grunts. My whole body went into shock it was so confused by its combination of natural hatred and momentary agreement.

I almost lost it all together when Cynthia admits fault, saying she understands everyone’s frustration and that she needs to communicate better in her marriage. Mal follows up with, “Is this a sex thing?” Get out of here, Mal!

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