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Ray Donovan recap: Handshake Deal

Ray’s on the hunt for a stolen phone, a job that tests his loyalty to both Finney and Paige.

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Michael Desmond/Showtime

Ray Donovan

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Liev Schreiber, Jon Voight
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Crime, Drama

More than anything else, Ray Donovan just wants everyone to get along. He’d love for his family to be back together, even if he’s not sure how to make that happen. He’d love for the Finneys to stay loyal to one another, but he’s not sure they’re even capable of that.

Mickey wants his family back too. At the opening of “Handshake Deal,” Mickey’s off in a daydream, one where the Donovans are all gathered at his apartment for a barbecue. Terry and Bunchy are throwing a football around with Conor while Ray’s bringing his dad a beer and telling him what a great party he’s thrown.

That’s a pipe dream if I’ve ever heard one, and it isn’t long before Mickey is back to reality. He’s with Darryl, working on the details of a hookers-and-coke party to be thrown at the offices of Kwip, an app that sounds seriously dreadful. It’s all part of Mickey’s flourishing business plan though, even if it does involve meeting with insufferable app developers.

Meanwhile, Ray’s back at home making lunch for his kids. “Mom just gives us money,” Bridget says, somewhat dismissively, but she also recognizes that he’s trying his best. When she tells him about a meeting she has that afternoon to discuss her academics and college possibilities, he assures her that he’ll be there. For once, he’s not lying.

Before Ray can feel out of place in an academic setting though, he meets with Finney. He shows Ray the spot where Paige is hoping to build a stadium for the NFL team she wants to bring to the city. That’s not why Finney’s brought him here though.

Finney has another job for Ray. He wants him to track down a phone belonging to Governor Verona. The phone is in the hands of a student and former intern for Verona named Briana, and there’s some sort of incriminating evidence on it that Finney needs back. This is Finney, so the details are sparse.

Ray’s a little busy trying to be a family man though, so he calls Lena and asks her to get the phone for him. He tracked down Briana but she didn’t have the phone. She gave it to her a law professor, Sheldon Blackwood, who assured her it’d make its way into the right hands.

Ray needs Lena to get the phone from Blackwood. She agrees to the job, donning her best college hoodie and sneaking into his office to get some info. They find out what’s on the phone, including a salacious message from Briana. The big reveal: there’s one on there from Paige.

Thus, the question for Ray is whether Finney wants that phone to protect his daughter or to use it as leverage against her. After all, the whole Finney clan is at war with each other. Paige says that if Ray hands over the phone, her dad will force her out of the business. On the other hand, Ray is intensely loyal to Finney, especially since he saved Terry’s life.

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