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Queen of the South recap: Lirio de los Valles

Teresa runs into a whole lot of trouble on her first solo job, including a threat from Epifanio Vargas

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Bill Matlock/USA Network

Queen of the South

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Teresa’s arc on Queen of the South thus far has shown her proving herself one job at a time. She’s proven she can handle swallowing balloons of coke. She’s proven she won’t snitch if she gets caught by the DEA. The next step is to prove she can handle a delivery on her own. That’s the focus of “Lirio de los Valles,” as Teresa is given a solo job for the first time. She’s meant to deliver a bag of drugs to a woman named Sandra.

While Teresa is preparing for the job, Camila is preparing for her inevitable confrontation with her husband. She’s been expanding her business without him knowing, and she needs to take further steps to make sure she has enough people on her side when she goes after Epifanio and his empire. With that in mind, she buys four high-end cars as gifts for some suppliers in Mexico.

Camila needs to be careful, though. Unbeknownst to her, Epifanio is starting to suspect she may have Teresa with her. Cesar, Epifanio’s right-hand man, manages to track the call Brenda received from Teresa to a burner phone pinging off a cell tower in Dallas. As he points out to his boss, that cell tower is only three miles away from Camila’s drug warehouse. Yeah, that’s a bit suspicious.

Meanwhile, Teresa gets her instructions from James and sets out to make her delivery to Sandra. She shows up at the address and is greeted by an intimidating skinhead-type, who tells her Sandra is on her way back and that she can come in and wait. Teresa gets a pat down and then heads inside.

The two make their way into the kitchen, and just as Teresa is starting to unload the drugs, she sees something from the other room reflected in a mirror. It’s a woman, tied up and bleeding on the floor. Teresa makes eye contact with her. It’s clear to her what’s going on here, but the question is, can she do anything about it?

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This is future drug queen Teresa Mendoza, so you’re damn right she can. She sneaks a knife into a newspaper and then nonchalantly lets it fall to the ground. That allows the woman, who we find out is Sandra, to cut herself loose, and that’s when things really get started. Sandra storms into the kitchen and throws the knife into the skinhead guy’s chest, and when another guy comes running from another room, Sandra pops a few rounds into him.

From there, Teresa and Sandra call James and tell him there’s a problem. James shows up with Camila, and after a mention of someone called The Birdman, Camila sends Teresa back to the club to recover and tells Sandra to “turn the stove on.” Something tells me the one guy left alive is going to quickly wish he was dead.

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