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Quantico premiere recap: Season 2, Episode 1

Alex Parrish takes on new training, new trainees, and a whole new terrorist

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ABC/Giovanni Rufino


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Priyanka Chopra, Aunjanue Ellis, Jake McLaughlin, Yasmine Al Massri
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When we last saw Alex Parrish, she was sitting in the back of an SUV with a take-it-or-leave-it offer from the CIA and a buzzing cell phone. The caller ID was showing Ryan Booth’s name, and she had to make a choice: a future working for the government…or love?

She picked both — sort of. Like the first season of Quantico, there are split timelines in season 2. The first is six months after Alex was approached by Director Keyes; she’s working at the CIA, dating Ryan, and on the verge of graduating into the agency’s clandestine training program. The other timeline, the new “present,” is a year after her recruitment; she and Ryan have broken up, and we have no clue if she’s still a CIA operative.

In this present, Alex is in New York City looking for Ryan, who is now in President Todd’s detail. His team is there for the G20 Summit, where world leaders are meeting. Their get-together is tense and quick. Ryan has to meet with an anonymous “she,” and he asks Alex to wait. Instead, once he leaves the room, Alex pulls out an engagement ring (!), leaves it on the table, and bolts.

On her way out, Alex spots someone who shocks her. She snaps a photo and calls Shelby, whose reinstatement at the FBI remains intact. “I know we’re not supposed to speak,” she tells Shelby cryptically, “but I really need a favor. I just saw a dead man,” Alex adds. How does Alex know said man should be dead? “I’m the one who killed him.”

Cut back to one year prior: A CIA employee is reading a book titled Skyforce: Edge of Shadows. On the back is an author photo for Jeremy Miller, the man Alex just spotted in the future/present. Next, we meet Jeremy Miller at a book signing. He opens the cover of his book to autograph, but finds a blue Post-it note with “1:37” scribbled on it. At a rally in Washington D.C., a handsome photographer gets a similar blue note slapped onto his camera lens. In Boston, a lawyer exiting a courtroom receives one. In Seattle, a traveler returning from abroad finds one on the dashboard of her car. And finally, one appears on Alex’s desktop.

Later, Alex meets Shelby and Ryan for dinner as they catch up on the activities of their former classmates: Nimah busted a cartel in Arizona, Iris put a Miami trafficker behind bars, Brandon got promoted into Behavioral Analysis, and Caleb’s at Berkeley studying law. Ryan is heading on an undercover mission, and Alex is clearly lying about having accepted the CIA job. They think she works behind a desk at a security firm…which isn’t exactly a lie.

As Alex heads up to the bar, Ryan shows Shelby the ring he’s going to propose with later that evening. But it’s 8:18, Alex’s Post-it note time, and her phone rings. “Alex Parrish, you have been chosen for training in the national clandestine services,” says a robotic voice. “You need to leave the bar right now.” She returns to the table, disappoints Ryan, accidentally ruins her own engagement, and heads off. As she goes, Ryan’s phone rings, too.

The voice directs Alex to Camp Peary for training, where Ryan arrives shortly after she does. Alex reacts immediately, angry that his undercover assignment appears to be spying on her — again. Ryan fires back, frustrated with Alex’s deception. (Does this feel familiar?) “I’m here for the FBI,” says Ryan. “So am I,” retorts Alex. Suddenly, “Quantico” is a relevant title all over again.

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