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Quantico recap: Season 2, Episode 3

Alex is able to infiltrate the terrorist cell

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Giovanni Rufino/ABC


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Priyanka Chopra, Aunjanue Ellis, Jake McLaughlin, Yasmine Al Massri
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Ryan is seriously losing his cool in captivity, and Shelby might be inadvertently spoiling Miranda’s agenda — but, again, before mucking through all the present-day drama, let’s return to the Farm where Alex and Ryan are working undercover to reveal a rogue faction within the CIA.

Alex and Ryan are catching up with their handlers, Shelby and Nimah, respectively. They’re running through the list of their fellow recruits, trying to narrow down those most likely to be leading a nefarious-charge, as well as those most likely to be recruited into it.

  • Dayana: “Last week she was falling apart,” notes Ryan. “This week she’s insanely driven.” Both Ryan and Alex think it’s unlikely that she’d be recruited — she seems weak, they explain, before allowing the caveat that such a frail disposition could also be a cover.
  • León: “He doesn’t say much, but he sees everything,” says Alex. “He’s always watching.” Alex admits that he knows more about her than she would like. (He picked up on Alex and Ryan’s relationship status, remember?)
  • Leigh Daviswait what?! WTF is a Leigh Davis?: Leigh appeared two days ago, out of nowhere, according to Ryan. She has two kids back in Pacific Palisades and while Alex thinks she’s elegant and refined, Ryan says she’s out-of-place and high-strung. (Ryan is correct, and it only takes one second of her explaining how she keeps her schedule before you’ll agree.)
  • Harry Doyle: Alex has a soft spot for him, she says. (Absolutely no clue if that means she thinks he’s likely/unlikely to be caught up in whatever illegal surveillance the Agency has going on.)
  • Sebastian Chen: Sebastian is hard to know, they both say. So far all they’ve gleaned is that he was in seminary before he was recruited — and has absolutely no interest in interacting with anyone, ever.

So basically, Alex and Ryan have gotten nowhere, and they know it. Shelby wants to know if Alex thinks that Lydia is part of Owen’s supposed scheme, which Alex and Ryan have dubbed the AIC. As the two are discussing Lydia’s intenseness, the show cuts to Lydia mid-workout. She’s got the news on and when there’s a broadcast of a bombing somewhere, she makes a call to someone named Lucas and leaves a pleading voicemail, asking him to call her back. More on that later…

Nimah and Shelby have a bug that the couple can place in one of the recruits rooms so they can listen and learn more — which is great, except they can only use one bug, and they have to choose which recruit needs spying on the most. (Second problem? Of course there is! The Farm is swept for potential bugs every five days, which means there is a small window of opportunity.)

Nimah encourages them to get people to open up, which means only one thing in Quantico reality: It’s time for alcohol. The entire group goes out for drinks and gossiping. They’re wondering aloud about Leigh and where they might get placed following training. When León muses about returning to Central and South America, Dayana lets on that she knows more about his prison time than he, or we, originally thought.

The following morning, Owen Hall introduces their next skill: assessment. The recruits always need to be aware of their surroundings, the instructors urge. They do a bit of practicing at the dorms and the Gold Leaf bar, and after León’s challenge — guessing how long he was kept in Owen Hall’s hall closet in the dark — he gets sick. Alex voices her curiosity over the matter to Dayana, who says that it reminds León of the six months he did in solitary confinement. When Alex is surprised by the detail, Dayana says León loves to talk, just not to Alex.

Alex, of course, forwards along the development to Ryan, and the two decide to focus their energy there. Did León and Dayana already know each other before arriving at the Farm? Are they in cahoots?

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