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Quantico recap: Go

Excuse me, is this ticking time bomb part of the test?

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Priyanka Chopra, Aunjanue Ellis, Jake McLaughlin, Yasmine Al Massri
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Training for the FBI is all about survival of the fittest. There are physical, mental, and emotional demands. NATs have to trust the person next to them. They have to be willing to die for their fellow classmates. And if you’re able to differentiate between Nimah and Raina, you get bonus points in my opinion.

Simon certainly knows the difference. And he plans on using this newfound knowledge to his advantage. The twin bust certainly put a damper on his infatuation with Raina. And he’s not the only one taking cold showers. Booth and Alex are on the outs, too. But Caleb and Shelby are still going strong with role-playing trysts in the boiler room. It’s a risk they are willing to take, even if relationships have a tendency to knock you off your game. Especially when tests are involved. 

The Academy

The NATs are a third of the way through training and it’s time for their first exam. Miranda gives them each a piece of paper and pencil, and leaves the room. Everyone is surprised to discover that the papers are blank. Alex figures that they’re evidence, so each one is collected, measured, weighed, and counted. There are 60 pieces of paper, yet there are 61 NATs. Where’s the missing piece? Nimah suggests they watch the surveillance footage to see who isn’t playing the game. The footage plainly reveals that it’s Brandon.

I know what you’re thinking. Who’s Brandon? He’s the cute guy from Glee who is hooking up with Natalie. Poor Brandon has been falling way behind and just assumed this was Miranda’s way of basically telling him that he is out of the program. He loses his cool and storms out of the classroom. That’s when the air conditioning cuts off and all of the doors lock the NATs inside. Is this part of the test? Or do we have another Elder Eric situation on our hands?

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It’s a good thing Simon can MacGyver his way out of a locked door using only a bobby pin from one of the non-speaking NATs. Unfortunately, the wires have been cut, and there’s no way out of the room. Alex begins interrogating Natalie. She admits that Brandon hasn’t been himself for days. Simon backs up the surveillance tape to earlier in the day. Sure enough, Brandon walks in and places something in the podium. Simon and Alex open the door and find a bomb. And I thought taking the SAT was stressful.

MacGyver to the rescue again! Of course Simon knows how to disarm a bomb. On his first attempt, he successfully unlocks the doors but doesn’t stop the bomb timer from counting down. Most of the class, including Elias, run for the hills. When his second try doesn’t stop the bomb, he confesses that he can’t take his fingers off the wires he is holding to attempt Plan C. Shelby, Alex, and Booth jump in to help out, while Caleb and Raina offer moral support. Their efforts only make the timer move faster. The classmates look at each other with longing, angst, and hope that they are not about to be blown to bits. 

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