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Quantico recap: God

Finally we get some answers!

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Phillipe Bosse/ABC


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Priyanka Chopra, Aunjanue Ellis, Jake McLaughlin, Yasmine Al Massri
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Let “God,” episode 6 of Quantico, be remembered as the turning point of this freshman show. True, we do get a few more mysteries thrown into the mix, but for the most part, this episode was about giving answers — not all the answers, but enough to keep us sated. And the biggest thread running through these answers? Wow, these people make bad life decisions.

The Academy

After last week’s sex-a-thon, everyone has apparently decided not to even worry about getting caught breaking the rules. Alex and Ryan are having sex in their shared dorm shower; Shelby and Caleb hook up in a the Hogan’s Alley apartment that’s been bugged a hundred ways and all over Quantico; and even Raina and Simon are getting flirtier in public. You would think the Lesson the Week — Surveillance — would teach them that someone is watching… No, seriously, the guest speaker (played by the underused Valerie Cruz) tells them “someone is always” watching, but that just seems to turn up the heat on these crazy kids.

There is some trouble in paradise: Caleb thinks Shelby is dating Brandon (Jacob Artist, a.k.a. Puck’s little brother from Glee), the second richest NAT in their class. Caleb sulks all day — and Shelby doesn’t do anything to assuage his fears — but it turns out Brandon is actually dating Natalie. (Is anyone worried about breaking rules at the FBI!?) Shelby says she really likes Caleb, but she wants to focus on being a good agent, not on a relationship. Shelby haven’t you heard: It’s 2015 — women can have it all!

Just ask Alex. She and Booth seem to be rock solid in their “relationship”… if we are calling it that. However, when Miranda decides to mix up the surveillance training, things get dicey. For reasons I can’t really figure out, Miranda tells the class to investigate her for the day and figure out Miranda’s plan for the evening. Apparently she has no qualms about the class learning about her son, Charlie. He’s out of juvy, and she doesn’t feel comfortable leaving him at home. So Liam, who spent lots of time with him during the affair, volunteers to stay at the house. The problem is Alex and Ryan take surveillance duty at the house. Liam finds Agent Booth outside the house, and since he doesn’t know everything is taped, spills the beans about the Alex investigation. See? Trouble. In. Paradise.

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The other couple that takes it up a notch this week is Raina and Simon — well, as far as he knows, it’s “Nimah” and Simon. Simon slyly asks her out, but Raina just gets up and runs back to her dorm room. She reminds Nimah how Miranda said they shouldn’t get close to anyone, so she wants her sister to take over and shut it down with Simon. But anyone watching knew THAT wasn’t going to happen. Instead, Nimah goes back to Simon, tells him that they should get kicked off the assignment to spend time together, and asks him to meet back in her room. Once there, Simon explains that he just let people believe he’s gay in order to not show who he really is. She says she has boundaries, too, which she’ll only bring down with someone she can trust. Then she takes off her hijab and kisses Simon. Guess she trusts him!

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