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Quantico recap: Right

Do we finally know who the terrorist is?

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Priyanka Chopra, Aunjanue Ellis, Jake McLaughlin, Yasmine Al Massri
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If we’ve learned anything from Quanitico this season, it’s this: Everyone is suspicious, and the writers have no problem killing the cast off one by one. These deaths, though extremely graphic, have a way of making our terrorist list dwindle down. For the time being, it looks as if we’ve finally found our bad guy. Of course, we thought Drew was the culprit last week, so your guess is as good as mine. Sure, Liam is all sorts of shady, but since we still have a finale in our future, I assume someone is pulling his strings, too. 

You never know what tomorrow may bring. Just ask the NATs, who are facing their final training assignments and pending graduations. Alex is heading to New York. Caleb has been assigned San Diego. The twins are headed to a terrorist cell. Iris is still on security clearance. And Shelby is ticked that Caleb continues to send her fake letters from her mother. 

Only this time it wasn’t him. Shelby turns to Caleb’s dad and discovers that her mother is using one of her old aliases and will more than likely reach out. If Shelby can get her on American soil, she can be arrested. Shelby finally shares the truth with Alex, who encourages her to proceed with caution. When Shelby receives a call from her mom, she assures her that she can arrange for an immunity deal — but only if she comes to the States. Guess what? Shelby can’t do that, but Mama takes the bait anyway. 

It doesn’t really help that the NATs’ final assignment is assessing terrorist cases from the inside out. The Forensic Science Research and Training Center is a division of the FBI that is essentially a premiere crime lab. Here the teams have unrestricted access to physical evidence from terrorist attacks, including Omaha (Alex’s father’s case) and 9/11 (Shelby’s parents’ fake deaths). Each student is given a key card that only unlocks their specific act of terrorism. Also, if you have a personal relationship with one of these acts, you will not be assigned to that case. Like that rule will stick. 

Shelby’s first box of evidence is from the Omaha case. It’s all of Alex’s dad’s old journals. She invites Alex to peruse the box. In exchange for her generosity, Alex gives Shelby her key card to access 9/11 documents. Shelby starts digging into the Department of Justice file. You know, the one full of statutes, transcripts, and highly convenient immunity agreements. Iris figures out what Shelby is doing and tells Caleb. 

While Iris warns Caleb that Shelby is about to forge documents to stick it to her mother, Alex approaches her dad’s handler from Omaha. Funny story — one of his journals is missing? Alex peppers Agent Baxter with questions. He tells her to “let it go,” which Alex is incapable of doing. Baxter pulls her into the hallway to set the record straight. Her father and Liam were in Omaha on a mission. Sometimes the bad guys need a little push to do the bad thing they are planning in a more timely manner. (Say what?) Liam and her dad supplied the group with the blueprints they needed so they would know exactly where to park the bombs. But the button was pushed before the FBI could infiltrate properly. Baxter burned the book that detailed this tragedy.

After learning that her father handed over the one thing terrorists needed to take down a building, Caleb and Iris tell Alex that Shelby used her card to forge immunity papers for her mom. Alex blows up at Shelby, begging her to take the moral high road. She doesn’t. Liam and Ryan get involved, and Shelby is livid that Alex blew her plan. Liam explains that breaking the law starts off small. Then it builds and builds until the guilt consumes you. Ryan becomes suspicious of Liam’s anti-hero talk. He asks Liam to explain, and Liam actually tells the truth about what “they” told him to say after Omaha. Sometimes Americans aren’t ready to hear what really happened. You either fall in line, or you are zeroed out. This gives Ryan all the ammunition he needs to turn Liam down for the job in D.C. It seems Liam has a way of making mistakes and having other people cover them up and pay the ultimate price. Hard pass. 

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