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Quantico recap: Drive

So do we finally know who the terrorist is?

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Priyanka Chopra, Aunjanue Ellis, Jake McLaughlin, Yasmine Al Massri
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Trust nothing. That is the theme of Quantico. Yes, tonight may have given us a terrorist to blame this week, but if we’ve learned anything from Simon, Elias, Natalie, Shelby, etc., it’s that you can trust nothing this show tells you.

Right now we’re to believe Drew is behind the bombings, but with two more episodes to go, I feel pretty confident saying someone is probably pulling his strings as well. But maybe I just don’t want the prettiest face on the show to be the bad guy.

The minute that pretty face leaves Quantico, Alex forgets him. She’s suddenly back on Team Ryan and flirting as much as she can. Luckily, FBI training helps them keep close … literally. The morning’s exercise is close-quarters combat training in a thing called The Box. They flirt while sparring, and no one seems to care/notice except Brandon. (“Looks like everything that’s old is new again.”)

But the real Assignment of the Week is agent shadowing. The NATs we care about are sent to the Richmond field office and placed with different agents to do some light work. “Light” is the operative word here because anything Alex Parrish touches turns dramatic instantly.

Alex, Brandon, and Iris are instructed by their assigned agent, Jordan Kent, to cold call people in the area to find out information about a post office break-in. Alex, of course, gets a lead immediately, so she and Kent go to check it out. While they’re driving to talk to the lead, Alex gets some info about Ryan’s time in Chicago. Turns out Kent was there also, and he thinks that Ryan wanted the attack to happen, that he left his post on purpose.

Once Agent Kent and Alex get to the house of Scott Walker, the man who says he saw someone, they find out that he used to work at the post office. Alex tries to question him, but Kent shuts it down and gets out of the house as quickly as possible. She decides Kent must be shady and takes up the case herself. She has Brandon go watch the house, and Iris does some digging. They find out he’s a sex offender, so Alex takes the intel to Kent.

The not-so-shady agent tells Alex that Walker is part of a child pornographer ring; the group places people in the postal system so that packages can be sent without detection. They didn’t want to give Walker a heads up that they know it’s him, but Brandon sitting outside his house did just that.

When Walker sets his porn paraphernalia on fire, Brandon sees the smoke and calls 911… then he enters the house while ignoring a call from Alex. (We don’t know that much about Brandon, but I’m thinking he’s not the brightest.) Luckily the FBI gets there before Mr. Walker can slice his throat open.

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