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'Quantico' recap: 'Drive'

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Trust nothing. That is the theme of Quantico. Yes, tonight may have given us a terrorist to blame this week, but if we’ve learned anything from Simon, Elias, Natalie, Shelby, etc., it’s that you can trust nothing this show tells you.

Right now we’re to believe Drew is behind the bombings, but with two more episodes to go, I feel pretty confident saying someone is probably pulling his strings as well. But maybe I just don’t want the prettiest face on the show to be the bad guy.

The minute that pretty face leaves Quantico, Alex forgets him. She’s suddenly back on Team Ryan and flirting as much as she can. Luckily, FBI training helps them keep close … literally. The morning’s exercise is close-quarters combat training in a thing called The Box. They flirt while sparring, and no one seems to care/notice except Brandon. (“Looks like everything that’s old is new again.”)

But the real Assignment of the Week is agent shadowing. The NATs we care about are sent to the Richmond field office and placed with different agents to do some light work. “Light” is the operative word here because anything Alex Parrish touches turns dramatic instantly.

Alex, Brandon, and Iris are instructed by their assigned agent, Jordan Kent, to cold call people in the area to find out information about a post office break-in. Alex, of course, gets a lead immediately, so she and Kent go to check it out. While they’re driving to talk to the lead, Alex gets some info about Ryan’s time in Chicago. Turns out Kent was there also, and he thinks that Ryan wanted the attack to happen, that he left his post on purpose.

Once Agent Kent and Alex get to the house of Scott Walker, the man who says he saw someone, they find out that he used to work at the post office. Alex tries to question him, but Kent shuts it down and gets out of the house as quickly as possible. She decides Kent must be shady and takes up the case herself. She has Brandon go watch the house, and Iris does some digging. They find out he’s a sex offender, so Alex takes the intel to Kent.

The not-so-shady agent tells Alex that Walker is part of a child pornographer ring; the group places people in the postal system so that packages can be sent without detection. They didn’t want to give Walker a heads up that they know it’s him, but Brandon sitting outside his house did just that.

When Walker sets his porn paraphernalia on fire, Brandon sees the smoke and calls 911… then he enters the house while ignoring a call from Alex. (We don’t know that much about Brandon, but I’m thinking he’s not the brightest.) Luckily the FBI gets there before Mr. Walker can slice his throat open.

NEXT: Secrets revealed[pagebreak]

And as for Ryan maybe allowing the attacks in Chicago, Alex runs straight to him with what Kent told her. (This woman has never met a secret she didn’t want to spill.) He confronts Kent about it and then tells Alex the truth: Liam offered to take over the post because he knew about Ryan’s marital problems with Hannah. Ryan left, but Liam got drunk in a bar and never showed up. Ryan’s been covering for him ever since, but wants to be done — which is perfect timing because Liam has been offered a job in D.C. and wants to Ryan come with him — and then he can start telling the truth.

There’s a lot of truth coming out in “Drive”: Iris keeps confronting Caleb about how he’s a liar and a cheat and she wants to take him down, etc. I honestly have no idea where so much vitriol came from, but regardless, Caleb finally tells her the truth about Shelby’s parents. They’re con artists and Caleb has been writing the letters Shelby thinks are from them. This seems like a terrible plan, but you have to give Caleb a little credit — he loves Shelby and just wanted her to be happy.

Caleb wants Iris to talk Shelby out of transferring to the Buffalo office — where she wants to go because it’s close to the Canadian border. Iris tries, but when Shelby won’t listen and briefly talks about leaving the bureau altogether, she tells her what Caleb’s been doing. Shelby tells Caleb she’s done, and then calls his dad to turn in her own mom and dad. This is the ice cold Shelby we know from the present storyline!

The only other thing happening in the flashback storyline is the twin twist. The FBI has decided to move forward with it, and their handler Susan has assigned someone at the Richmond office to them. She says they’re to find their asset when they’re visiting the office. At the office, Kent assigns Nimah to Agent Garnett in counterterrorism (Raina waits in the stairwell … where apparently no one goes?). Garnett is very flirty and Nimah likes it; when Raina swaps in, he asks her to drinks. She says no, but when she’s doing the next handoff with Nimah, she realizes that Garnett is the asset and drinks are code.

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When Nimah swaps back in and excitedly says yes to drinks, Agent Alonzo meets Raina in the hall and says he’s their asset. She texts her sister quickly, but Nimah has already spilled the beans about being a twin. Garnett asks who her handler is and starts to call and report how poorly the twins keep their secret, but Nimah says they should go to dinner first and then decide if he wants to call it in.

When she returns to Quantico, she tells her sister it was just drinks, but her face says otherwise. She had to do a lot to keep her sister and herself in the bureau, and I don’t like this storyline one bit. But the small bit of good news for them: Susan is happy with their day and assigning them to a cell in Queens (where we saw them in the present).

NEXT: About that present…[pagebreak]

Ryan’s like a dog with a bone about taking down Alex in the present. He busts into her apartment with a SWAT team, only to find a druggy named Caleb chilling on her couch. He drags him to the office, where Miranda interrogates him. Caleb tries to play the “My Mommy the Senator” card, but they don’t seem to care.

Meanwhile, Will is at the hospital in the ICU (turns out he didn’t die like I said last week), and Shelby found a John Doe patient at another hospital with radiation symptoms similar to Will’s. They’re thinking it is Simon, but when they get there, they find DREW in the bed. Beautiful Drew has sores from radiation sickness. He sees them and says “Is it over? Did you get him?” When they ask who he’s talking about, he drops the bomb: “Ryan.”

Drew tells the women that when he left Quantico, he was working for a private security firm. He received phone calls from The Voice and was told to rent a van (which carried the bomb to Grand Central) and collect intel on the trainees. The Voice threatened his sister and her children, so he agreed. He says that two nights ago when he dropped off the nuclear fuel core in Yonkers, he saw Ryan pick it up. Alex and Shelby quickly buy this, so Drew hands Alex a flash drive, which he says will decrypt Ryan’s passwords so she can grab the info she needs to indict him from his computer.

As Miranda is interrogating Caleb, smoke starts to fill the FBI office. It’s the work of Shelby; thanks to her software system, she turned off the computer fans and caused them to overheat. While the FBI agents evacuate the building, Alex sneaks into Ryan’s office and puts the flash drive into his laptop.

Suspicious the smoke was Alex’s trick, Ryan comes back into the building and finds her in his office. He wants to know what she knows about Natalie. Alex realizes he doesn’t know she’s dead, so she tries to get him to believe her, but instead he gives her an opportunity to put that close-quarters fighting training into action. He refuses to believe her, so when Alex gets the upper hand, she kicks him in the face and knocks him out.

Alex gets to the stairwell and calls Drew. She asks what was on the flash drive because she knows Ryan didn’t know about Natalie and couldn’t have been controlling all this. Drew turns into an evil genius (emphasis on the evil, less on the genius) and says it was a manifesto fingering Ryan as the terrorist. He needed Alex to help support that narrative for him. And he’s not done with her yet.

He tells her to head to the parking garage, where she finds Ryan’s truck … with a bomb inside. Drew says he’ll give her more instructions, but for now she just needs to get in and drive.

Please, please, please let this be a Speed situation. That is all I could hope for at the end of this crazy, twisty season. What do you guys think of Drew’s confession? Is he the one, true terrorist? Tell me your thoughts below, or find me on Twitter @realdalener.