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Quantico recap: Soon

The NATs attempt to get security clearance while Alex zeroes in on Caleb

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Betrand Calmeau/ABC


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Priyanka Chopra, Aunjanue Ellis, Jake McLaughlin, Yasmine Al Massri
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In many ways Quantico felt like Grey’s Anatomy in the beginning: They both centered on a group of young, good-looking professionals learning together. But as the freshman season of Quantico goes on, it becomes more and more apparent the biggest difference between the two is loyalty.

While the Seattle Grace crew (or whatever they call that hospital now) would do anything for one another, including cutting a man’s LVAD wire for love, the men and women of Quantico will turn on each other at the slightest sign of trouble. In “Soon” we saw a betrayal of loyalties in both the past timeline and the present.

THE PAST, where even more people get kicked out of Quantico

With training almost done, the NATs have to go through extensive medical screenings and security clearance (seems like something that would occur before they were accepted, but what do I know). Clayton Haas visits the academy to walk the NATs through the security clearance protocol.

It’s an extensive form, and for the purpose of the audience hearing it speeding things up, the NATs pair up to fill it out. The questions include everything from medical, political, and sexual histories. When Caleb gets to the “do you have deceased immediate family members” on Shelby’s form, she tells him to say yes. She doesn’t want the FBI to find out about her parents, something she thinks Caleb understands.

But when Drew, Shelby, Iris, and Raina’s files are all flagged for further review, Shelby starts to question Caleb. It ends up being unrelated to her fake-dead parents (it was because she marked she had a sister when she started Quantico but marked she no longer does now), but it’s enough to get her doubting Caleb.

Pair that with Iris’ distrust of Caleb, and there’s a recipe for disaster. Iris has been watching Caleb prep Will for his Sistemics infiltration — occurring that night — but she thinks he’s pulling him into the cult. She confronts both of them about it, and when they blow her off, she calls Sistemics herself and outs Will as an FBI agent.

NEXT: Way to ruin everything, Iris