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Quantico recap: Care

Shelby reunites with her parents — and they’re as terrible as you’d imagine parents who faked their own deaths would be

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Lily van der Woodsen wasn’t the most maternal character to grace our TVs, but she’s practically June Cleaver compared to Laura Wyatt. After abandoning their daughter for 15 years by faking their own deaths, Shelby’s parents only reconnect with her to ask for money. Laura Wyatt (played to perfection by Kelly Rutherford) is a monster; Glenn, played by Kevin Kilner, has a terrible Southern accent and no remorse about weaponizing the Taliban. I guess it comes as no surprise that people who faked their deaths on 9/11 would be bad people? But poor Shelby. Maybe this is what leads her to be a member of The Voice…

…but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with the past. Ryan is officially introduced as Liam’s No. 2 at Quantico. Miranda is out on probation still, so the twins’ future at the academy is in jeopardy. Liam says because they were Miranda’s pet project, there may not be a place for them as a unit. Nimah and Raina are on the same page these days, so they want to fight it. (But if anyone says “match” one more time on this show, I’m going to find a way to get them kicked out myself.)

Luckily, the Lesson of the Week gives them the perfect opportunity to prove themselves. With only four weeks left, the NATs will soon be given their assignments and sent to one of the 56 field offices. While the NATs are looking at these cities as prospective places to live (I did not appreciate the jabs at the Dakotas — it’s beautiful there), Liam instead wants them to focus on the high rates of human trafficking in those areas. The NATs hop on a plane to Montreal for their assignment, which is to work with the Canadian government to see how these crimes are committed. But — twist! — they actually have to hand in all their passports and find a way to sneak across the border in teams of two; any team that makes it back will get special consideration on their city placement, and the first team back gets to decide their own assignment.

When Alex realizes she isn’t paired with Drew, she makes him partner with her anyway. They attempt to get through customs by saying she’s an FBI agent and Drew’s in her custody. But Will and Iris just tried that plan and got booted. It frustrates Alex that she’s off her game — because, you know, one mistake is not okay if you are Alex Parrish — so she goes to yell at Ryan for pulling her away from Drew for the assignment. Ryan swears that’s not what happened. She and Drew give up on the airport plan and decide to walk across the border in the snow. They camp in a cabin, Drew tells Alex he was the one who split them up because she’s too distracting to be around, and they warm themselves with a fireplace and sex. It’s about time.

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Although they did finally give us the *sexy times* we were all waiting for, Alex and Drew gave up way too easily on the airport route…at least based on the success of the other NATs there. After Will and Iris failed with the FBI/prisoner routine, they try to use fake passports and get caught again. Then they realize their only option is to get themselves deported, so they strip down completely at security and run around. That’ll do it.

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