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Quantico recap: Turn

A threat to the academy takes a backseat to personal drama

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Quantico is a show that traffics in shocking moments. We’ve seen our fair share of explosive reveals in the first 15 episodes, including Simon’s expulsion from Quantico, the second bomb, and the fact that FBI uniforms are flattering for all. But tonight in “Turn,” we saw the most shocking moment of all: Shelby’s mom is Lily van der Woodsen. LILY VAN DER WOODSEN, PEOPLE! I don’t know about y’all, but I did not see this one coming, but if you couldn’t tell from the all caps, I’m very excited to potentially see Kelly Rutherford on my TV again.

And why exactly are we looking at a photo of Lily, a.k.a. Shelby’s mother? Well, it turns out it’s a recent photo that Samir gave to Caleb, who kept it under his pillow until Will told Iris about it, and then she stole it and gave it to Shelby, who is like, “WTF I still have parents?” Yeah, Shelby finding out her parents are alive is probably about as shocking to her as finding out her mom is Lily van der Woodsen is to us. But I’m getting way ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning of our academy timeline.

Drew has not been kicked out — apparently Liam didn’t have that power, and they’re waiting on a final say from Miranda. Miranda apparently doesn’t have much power either: Liam shows up to work the next day, ignoring her request for a resignation. “You want me gone, you’re going to have to fire me,” he tells her.

So when they get to the Lesson of the Week, things are just a bit tense between everyone. What better way to break the mood than a lesson on racial profiling and hate crimes!? Sen. Claire Haas, Caleb’s mommy dearest, is there to speak on her experience with hate crimes and how to prosecute them. To teach them how to identify true hate crimes, the NATs pore over case files while trying to work on their not-so-private private lives.

Now that Will has stalked Caleb enough to know about Mark Raymond, he tells Iris about his roommate’s alter ego. He also tells her that Caleb keeps a file under his pillow. Iris runs straight to the room to retrieve the file and then straight back to Shelby to show her. The contents — proof her parents are still alive, a photo of Kelly Rutherford and Kevin Kilner — are so shocking to Shelby that she runs outside. Which is very poorly timed because right then a group of terrorists break into the Quantico compound to “strike a blow to the FBI.”

Miranda knew an attack was coming because Raina had just told her the terrorist house she infiltrated had been wiped clean, guns included. So Miranda had asked Raina to pick Charlie up from their house and bring him to Quantico for safe-keeping. But when they get there, they see dead bodies littered across the entrance. As they’re fleeing, Charlie starts crying and saying it’s all his fault.

NEXT: Charlie, what did you do?