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Quantico recap: Answer

With all the personal conflict, there’s little time for training

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Winter has come on Quantico. It’s cold and dark. (You can tell from the low lighting and puffy coats.) What better time for Alex and Simon to work out their demons?

You would think after last week’s episode that Alex would — I don’t know — ask for FBI help? Go into hiding? At the very least, make sure Natalie is really dead? But, nope, she instead puts on her most fashionable winter wear and hops in her car to go to Holland, Vt., where she finds Simon chilling (literally, he has no electricity) in a cabin trying to kill himself over his toast. I did warn you it was dark!

Alex says she’s there to give Simon his Medal of Valor, which he earned by running into the bank bombing to save people. He doesn’t want it, though; he feels the weight of those 32 deaths instead since he was one to inadvertently detonate the bomb. He’s retreated to this hideaway because he realizes he can’t ever have a clean slate from the death that follows him. Every morning he attempts to kill himself — but has yet to go through with it.

Oh, and did I mention they’re having this conversation while holding rifles and hunting a deer for dinner? This becomes problematic when Alex tells him about Natalie and he decides that Alex is the cause of some of his problems. He points his rifle at her and tells her neither of them has ever been innocent.

It’s my job as recapper to explain what happened here, but I’ll be honest: I’m not entirely sure. (Feel free to help me out in the comments.) I don’t understand Simon’s motivations or how Alex gets him to back off. But she does — somehow, Alex talks Simon out of killing her: She says they can get justice together, and he puts the gun down.

Miranda had told Ryan and Nimah that Natalie had emailed in to say she needed emergency leave and that Alex didn’t show up for work. Luckily, Nimah has an app for stalking your friends and family, so she and Ryan go to find her and arrive just after the murderous hunting expedition. (Thanks to the road trip, we also learn that Nimah has had fallings-out with both her twin and Miranda.)

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When they arrive, Alex says Simon isn’t the man they knew. And without any question as to why the two are there, Alex allows Nimah to drive her back to the city while Ryan follows. Nimah tells Alex, “No matter how dark it gets, you’ll have him.” Aww.

So once she’s back in her Brooklyn apartment, she calls him and apologizes. She wanted his to be the last voice she heard for the night. It’s very sweet…until you remember that her friend/his ex-girlfriend DIED THE NIGHT BEFORE AND NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT.

After she hangs up the phone, Simon comes to her door and asks for her to hold onto his Medal of Valor. He wants to earn it back by helping her. She gets a phone call from “Adult A,” and Simon puts a chip in it to track the blackmailer. Guess we’ll be finding out who he/she is soon…or not.

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