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Project Runway recap: Project Nina

The contestants design for Nina Garcia, fashion director of ‘Hell’ magazine

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Project Runway Nina

Project Runway

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“Oh, s—,” Bryce muttered upon hearing of this week’s challenge. He pretty much spoke for everyone. The contestants had to design a day-to-night look for the endlessly inflexible judge/queen/dragon lady Nina Garcia. Finally, a chance to be fashion-forward!

But first, a few ground rules. “I like classic with an edge,” cooed Maleficent to her loyal subjects from the forbidden mountain. “Tailored, streamlined silhouettes. I do not like voluminous clothes. I do not like pleats. I do not like loud, colorful patterns.” If only she had been specific.

Research was key here. The designers foisted their paws upon that newfangled HP Touchscreen Whatever to look at old photos of Nina Garcia. Surely they could come up with something as genius as a jacket emblazoned with giant X-rays of combs.

Nina floated in before the designers even went shopping at Mood to consult with them and strike their original visions dead. Nina was nothing if not succinct, warning Joshua he needed “a plan B,” alerting Bryce “I hate cowl,” and assuring Danielle, “I like this idea better” — immediately after restructuring Danielle’s idea for her. Nina likes her own opinion. What are the chances?

Side note: Was anyone else totally faked out by this moment of faux-foreshadowing? After this I was sure Bert would be going home.

The frowny face is a nice touch.

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