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Project Runway recap: The Dog Days Are Here

The 15 designers bark up the oft-neglected tree of pet-store fashion

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Project Runway 9
Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

Project Runway

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Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen
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Welcome back to Project Runway! This week, the 15 remaining design-uhs would get to “unleash their creativity,” teased the goddess Heidi from her perch in runway heaven. But what could that mean? Joshua McKinley searched the depths of his accessory-cluttered soul to crack the code with one of the most impressive rapid-fire word associations in reality TV history. “Unleash. Leash. Fetish. S&M?”

I probably would have liked that better. Instead, the contestants received a whopping $300 budget to wee-wee away at a discount pet store by collecting materials for an “UNCONVENTIONAL CHALLENGE.” Expectations were high. The dog bed Bert wanted to grab — against Tim Gunn’s advice — was even higher.

Right off the bat, Josh Christensen said, “I’m not trying to win this challenge; I’m just trying to get by,” and it was at this point that we all knew he would be eliminated. But I have to hand it to Bert — who had immunity from his week 1 win — for showing the least amount of effort and interest in a Project Runway challenge I have ever seen in my life. That guy just didn’t care at all! He attempted to explain in a confessional that “the costume-y thing” wasn’t his strength, then straight-up admitted “I just don’t wanna do it.” He proceeded to read a book, miss his dog, and make a boring black dress with a boob-tutu.

Let’s hear it for the side-eyes!

Anthony and Bryce made no attempt to mask their disdain for Bert on the runway.

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