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Project Runway recap: Trippy Threads

The ’70s bring out the prints…and the claws!

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Project Runway Anya
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Wait, didn’t we do the ’70s last week? Oh no, that was the rock & roll menswear challenge, where there just happened to be lots of Native American-themed shirts and bell-bottoms. Riding the sophisticated ’70s trend that’s happening right now — don’t you read the news? — the designers will have to create a look inspired by the groovy decade without making it feel retro or vintage.

It’s interesting to hear what this challenge conjures up for our young designers. Laura hopes for “good Mood trips,” which I guess is kind of appropriate. To Kimberly, the ’70s bring to mind the “sexy secretary” look because her mom was a secretary back then. I can get behind that: sort of Jane Fonda before she met Dolly Parton in 9 to 5 (it came out in 1980, but close enough). Viktor and Anya both equate the decade to travel, for some reason — to an African safari and a holiday in Jamaica, respectively. Joshua seems to think that because he wasn’t born until the ’80s, he’s pretty much exempt from trying to figure out what ’70s design looks like, which is one attitude to have. It seems his main point of reference is the movie Dreamgirls. For additional research, he basically goes to Bert and asks, “Bert, you’re old — what was the past like?”

Clearly, Bert, the “human history channel,” was not only alive in the ’70s, but really lived it up. This retro challenge brings out a giddy, irreverent side of Bert we’ve rarely seen, maybe because it reminds him of his glory days. Apparently, he got at least one job at Studio 54. His joke, not mine! It also seems like he had an equally wild late-’80s, which reminds him of hanging out at the mall and “burying things in the woods.” Hmmm. Bert put so many horrifying images in my mind this episode. Images I can never get rid of.

It’s off to Mood, where prints are on the mind. Anthony Ryan is on the hunt for “Aztec or geometric” patterns. He finds a couple that are plenty geometric but not Aztec-y enough. It’s a typically hectic Mood run until tragedy strikes: Anya loses her money! She had tucked it under the front of her dress, but somewhere between the silk jersey and linens, it vanished! At first, it didn’t seem like a big deal. I mean, can’t they just give her some more? Like, isn’t Mood Money play money, or don’t they barter in buttons or something? But no. Alas, Mood is subject to the same harsh realities as the rest of the world and deals in cold, hard cash. Thinking it may have fallen deeper into her dress, she searches her own person; a couple of Mood Elves even materialize out of thin air to help her find the lost currency, but even their powers failed to help.

NEXT: Josh makes another boobophobic comment. Seriously, not all gays are boobophobic. But maybe this episode, the fear is justified — after all, Anya’s boob ate her money.


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