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October 26, 2017 at 10:33 PM EDT

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The next day on the runway, Heidi introduces guest judge Rachel Brosnahan, star of the upcoming Amy Sherman-Palladino project The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. She and the other judges watch all the looks walk the runway and then give their critiques to the remaining five.

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Even though Kenya’s look doesn’t seem as “high fashion” as the others, the judges love it. Heidi says this is the first time someone got a look for Liris 100 percent right. Liris even says this was the moment she has been waiting for. Nina appreciates that Kenya didn’t use high jinks to communicate power because there’s power in the silhouette, the color, and the tailoring. Rachel says it’s stunning and she wants to wear it. And Zac says this is the look he’s been waiting for Kenya to deliver — and I have to agree.

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Brandon wanted to create a nomadic warrior and somewhere along the way he added in a ninja-esque vibe. Heidi says it’s definitely out there, but she appreciates that he created something new. She’s not a fan of the baby bonnet, and neither is Nina — who says she loves the juxtaposition of the millennial pink with the sport-street attitude — but Zac and Rachel love the bonnet. Zac says he knocked it out of the park and is even on board with the “poopy pants” (™Project Runway).

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Margarita was greatly affected by the warrior women’s stories because her grandmother had cancer. She knows the chaos a disease like that can bring, so she wanted to bottle that up into a dress and contain it. Once she hears the story, Rachel says she can see it in the dress. But Zac and Nina say her dress does the opposite of contain chaos — if anything it just makes it seem stuffed inside. Nina feels like the look is too much of a costume, and Zac says it feels more like club attire than armor.

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Kentaro used the inspiration of a Japanese samurai, and the judges do not like his take on warrior. Rachel wishes she could see more of the model’s body or shape. Nina says it is too bland for editorial — plus, she’s worried that Kentaro is reverting back to his early-season design style. Zac is worried that Kentaro is losing his eye for editing. Then Nina notes that his look is oddly similar to Brandon’s, but Kentaro says they had drawn their sketches separately and just think too much alike.

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Ayana wanted to do something different from her usual, and it’s definitely different. Zac calls it “wacky, but great.” He says that it’s definitely editorial, even if it doesn’t feel as “empowered” as the rest. Rachel says it’s beautifully tailored, Heidi points out how the look proves you can be powerful without showing skin, and Nina says she’s loved watching Ayana’s evolution.

Winner: Brandon

Out: Margarita, who’s not really out.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Tim tells her while handing out his Tim Gunn save at the very last minute. They all group hug, and I just fall more in love with this season’s designers every episode.

What did you think of this week’s challenge? Were you happy with the win and the save? Share your comments below.

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