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Project Runway season finale recap: Season 12 winner is...

Kerry Washington guest-judges the finale looks; the season 12 winner is….

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Project Runway

Project Runway

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It’s been a long, tear-filled journey to get to this final runway, and the drama isn’t over. In the finale of season 12, there were plenty of meltdowns, broken bones, and coffee stains to thwart the final four designers — and yes, it really should have just been the final three.

(I’d like to apologize in advance for the abbreviated/rushed recap. My friend had an accident slightly more serious than Tim’s tumble down the subway stairs and not as serious as Justin’s model’s ankle break, and I had to assist all night. But I had to do this season justice, because despite all my bitching, I really did like it.)

But before any of that, let’s get back to the Tide Pods. I was hoping everyone would have forgotten by now¬†about the corporate tie-in/final challenge to create one last look that’s completely machine washable. Each of the designers ended up making a pretty solid final look, but would they really survive a wash and dry? I need to see a receipt.

The designers all scrambled to put the finishing touches on their collections before one final “Gather ’round” with Tim. Oh, how the tears flowed. This has to be one of the weepiest seasons ever. It would give season 2 a run for its money.

On the morning of the Fashion Week runway show, the models put themselves center stage by acting a hot mess. As mentioned earlier, one of Justin’s models broke her ankle the night before the show. I’d like to think it was a totally blameless accident, but something tells me the model was dancing on top of a bar in stilettos. As a result, Justin had to adjust one of his dresses so it’d fit an even skinnier model. He expressed trepidation about doing a major alteration this late in the game.

Next, and more egregiously, one of Bradon’s models spilled coffee all over a silk charmeuse dress after Bradon had repeatedly shouted at them not to eat or drink (read: just drink — rest assured, no models were eating) near the collection. Bradon then had to dab — or should I be classy and say daub — the stain like a madman for 20 minutes.

The runway show felt especially lacking in real celebrities. Alyssa Milano from Project Runway All-Stars? Frederique of The Mole 2 fame? (Still my favorite season of a reality show ever. I tried to get it into EW’s special reunion issue, but I failed). But then sitting smack dab, front and center was our guest judge of the night, Kerry Washington, looking ridiculously fabulous. Thank you for saving the night, Olivia Pope!

NEXT: A winner is crowned!