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Project Runway recap: The Glam-ping Trip

The remaining 11 designers embark on an overnight camping trip, from which they must use their experiences in nature to inspire a runway look.

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Project Runway
Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

Project Runway

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Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen
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Four words: Tim. Gunn. Camouflage. Suit.

Our style mentor and Heidi are dressed for the outdoors (for Heidi Klum “outdoorsy” means a button down, leather belt, tailored slacks, and an updo). But like Tim says, this is about as outdoorsy as he gets.

Claiming that the designers have been trapped in the concrete jungle long enough, their friends at Resource Water are sending the remaining 11 contestants on a camping trip. Some designers are a bit more excited than others. Kenye comments that people mistake him for an outdoorsman, but the southern diva is NOT dealing with bugs OR sleeping in a tent. I can’t say I would ever mistake Ken for the camping type in the first place. But after his huffy distaste for where this challenge is headed, I’m mildly hoping for an Elaine Hendrix Parent Trap camping scene type of moment.

Oh, wait! It’s a “GLAM-ping” trip, or an upscale, sophisticated form of camping trip, for Project Runway. With 30 minutes to pack their bags, designers prep at the hotel and are off to survive the treacherous wilderness. O.K., they have fancy tents, real beds, and a beautiful meal. But it would be pretty funny to see a Project Runway-meets-Naked and Afraid reality TV hybrid.

Seona Skwara, head of activation for Resource Natural Spring Water (I’M SORRY, GUYS. I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THIS PRODUCT PLACEMENT), rattles off a lovely scripted bit about the deliciousness of Resource water and how nature inspires us to be our best. But this product placement is giving designers a pretty wild day of outdoorsy fun, with a night of activities including rafting, marshmallow roasting, and zip-lining.

With one day to complete the challenge, designers must use their experiences in nature to inspire a new look for the runway.

Seeing the designers bonding in the woods is surprisingly endearing. From Justin teaching the group sign language swear words around the campfire to Ken’s hilarious blood-curdling scream while zip-lining, the episode is beginning to feel like a giant white flag of truce. Alexandria, however, is not spending her time relaxing in a hammock with her other female contestants. Feeling discouraged and unconfident after being grouped in the bottom with her failing trio in the previous challenge, the blonde uses her time in nature to think critically about her next move.

A couple hours later, the socializing dies down and the sketching picks up. A once-pessimistic Ken realizes there may be a tolerable side of a glamping trip and feels the cleansing affect of nature. Will that cleanse him of his bitterness? We will have to wait and see.

Jeremy’s “me time” is filled with thoughts of his husband, and he writes his dearly beloved a letter that he will use for inspiration for his garment. Alexandria, who has embraced the camping “challenge” with a bandana and camo pants, found the fuel and optimism she needed to confront another Runway challenge head-on.

After fortuitously finding a lovely feast with white linen table clothes at their glampsite, the glampers (sorry, I’m done) enjoy a relaxing meal together, wrapping up their overnight escape and preparing to dive back into the competition.

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