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Project Runway recap: Don't Stop Believing (in Unicorns)

The designers hit Coney Island in pairs (oh no!) for another unconventional materials challenge

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Project Runway 1203
Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

Project Runway

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Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen
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Our remaining 14 designers are not having nightmares of Heidi Klum in their hotel rooms at 5:30 a.m. It’s a cold, dark reality, and she’s equipped with an order for them all to venture to Coney Island. Sleepy-eyed and chilly, the designers meet Tim on the boardwalk for a deliciously bizarre challenge number three.

Product placement, sponsorship dollars, who knows, but Yoplait has managed to finagle its way onto the runway, with a challenge inspired by the company’s new frozen yogurt. Yoplait carts are lined up on the boardwalk, and designers must dish out samples to passersby and ask what sensory words come to mind after taste-testing the flavors. After they complete the awkward makeshift focus group task, each designer must choose three of the yogurt-describing words to use as inspiration for their design.


The fun is not over yet. Tim, how many carts did you say are lined up? Seven? Fourteen divided by seven is two? So two designers per cart?  Yes, ladies and gents, it’s our first team challenge. Miranda dreads the possibility of being paired up with her Milwaukee nemesis Timothy, and Kate would rather just continue doin’ Kate.

And the pairs are…

Alexander and Justin: This seems like a functional arrangement. The two have not succumbed themselves to the sewing room drama, and if Alexander ends up wearing those occasional sassy pants to Parsons, Justin’s hearing aid does have an off switch.

Kate and Helen: After an awkward, giggly gal pal hug, the frenemies bounced arm-in-arm down the boardwalk to a yogurt cart. We get to see the flashback to Helen cursing Kate’s name in episode one, as the plane lands to reveal the season’s returning designer. But now Helen insists that being partners with Kate will actually work to her advantage. Well, obviously—Kate just snagged a challenge win and has coasted along at the head of the pack, while Helen merely sobbed her way to safety.

Jeremy and Ken: Seems like a safe partnership.

Sandro and Sue: Busting out in cheers and dance moves, Sandro is pleased to be working with “Can’t Sew” Sue. She is reluctantly delighted to be paired with the Russian hoot as well.

Bradon and Karen: “Hey, hey!”

Dom and Alexandria: Alexandria may often wear a venomous resting b—- face, but she doesn’t seem disappointed in her team assignment.

Miranda and Timothy: It wouldn’t be a partner challenge without the notoriously doomed pairing that shocks the judges by coming out on top. Too optimistic? Timothy is looking on the bright side and hopes that the challenge will help their relationship, while Miranda simply wants to make the best of her not-so-ideal situation. Timothy better hope their look prevails, because Nina Garcia isn’t much of a believer in, “strike three, you’re in!”

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