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Project Runway recap: Avant-garde challenge

The final five designers stunned with their butterfly-inspired avant-garde looks.

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Project Runway Recap

Project Runway

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Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen
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After seeing Kate get the unexpected auf so late in the season, the remaining designers were more desperate than ever to survive the final stretch and make it to Fashion Week. Heidi perfectly articulated this statement with a beautiful metaphor: “That sausage is dangling right in front of your nose right now. Or is it a carrot? I’m German, I like sausages better.” And that, folks, is how we know Heidi truly possesses that undefinable quality that makes a star.

The designers ventured up to Long Island’s Sweetbriar Nature Center to spend some time frolicking among the butterflies. Tim and Billy B of L’Oreal stood amid a butterfly tornado to present the challenge, which had to do with butterflies and butterfly makeup and butterfly-inspired couture… but really, it’s just the avant garde challenge. (Yay!) That’s all you needed to know.

The designers chose their butterfly muses in characteristic ways: Dom was attracted to the cross-bred butterflies because of the kaleidoscope of colors and patterns; Justin was drawn to the albino because of his own outsider status; Alexandria focused on the dark, sad aspects of a beautiful thing and chose a black, deathly-looking one; Bradon just let inspiration wash over him; and Helen basically chose randomly.

After breaking the GoBank to buy the most luxe fabrics possible, the designers began to struggle in the workroom, especially Bradon and Helen. Bradon got a slow start, rolling up his pieces of off-white silk to create fabric noodles without knowing exactly what he was going to do with them. Helen broke down, as usual, and Tim won kudos by not coddling her one bit. Speaking of Tim, he was particularly brilliant during his consultations this week. He set Dom free to use as many wild prints as she wanted, and he gave Bradon’s unconventional ideas his vote of confidence.

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