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Project Runway recap: Don't Hate, Innovate

Innovators fail to inspire the designers to innovate in this year’s HP Challenge. Plus, a mildly shocking elimination

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Project Runway Recap
Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

Project Runway

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After last week’s inglorious slaying of the KrakKEN, the remaining dudes found a way to be adults and live together. Praise the Lord! This is the point in the competition where the people who’ve been safe without winning start to get picked off. Right from the top of the episode, Kate and Justin started to feel the pressure. They were tired of coming in second, and so was I. They both deserved wins in the past that had gone to old standbys like Helen and Bradon instead. (Especially Helen).

As much as I hate promotion-based challenges (the frozen yogurt challenge was a series low), I’ve always liked the HP Intel Challenge because it forces the designers to get creative — it really is cool to watch them create their own textile. It’s also where Mondo Guerra became a star.

For this year’s HP Challenge — and this is where the B.S. kicked in — the designers had to choose an “innovator” as inspiration for their look. Because, as the execs would like you to know, HP is forward-looking and all about the future.

Helen, the winner of last week’s challenge, got to pick first, and of course she chose the innovator most obviously aligned with her own line of work: the modern artist. Alexander chose the executive pastry chef (a.k.a. cake master) at Catch, and Bradon, of course, chose the professional BMX rider. Doesn’t Bradon just scream “BMX” to you?

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