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Project Runway season premiere recap: Heidi Loves Her Snuggie

In the 10th season opener, we get a hilariously petty feud, a knockout gown, and a Times Square runway show

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Barbara Nitke

Project Runway

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Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen
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The 10th season of Project Runway started like a dream. The screaming, pulsating crowd. Sixteen terrified designers. The judges and Tim each taking turns uttering the number “10.” The blinding lights of TIMES SQUARE, which Heidi and co. will have you know is the center of the universe, what with the massive signage for T.G.I. Friday’s and Hollister. How did we get to TIMES SQUARE, this magical place, about a dozen blocks north of Parsons?

By dashing the dreams of over 100 designers over 10 seasons, that’s how. We flashed back to just a few days earlier, when our 16 new designers had no idea they’d soon be showing in TIMES SQUARE. First, we met Buffi, who looks a bit like Talk-a-too Cock-a-too — she has roots in India, Australia, and Dubai, all places  Carrie Bradshaw and her friends would love to offend locals in future Sex and the City movies. We also met a terrifying, 22-year-old person named Gunnar Deatherage (that’s a Slytherin name if I’ve ever heard one), who was eliminated prior to the real competition in season 8. Apparently he’s spent the year since hatching an evil plan to get back on the show and play the role of workroom villain. There’s something about the way he poses, flares his nostrils and narrows his eyes after each viperish sentence that slithers out of his mouth, like he wants to stab you with his words. Watch out for this one.

Anyway, there were a lot of other bright and interesting designers, but we have an entire season to get to know them better. In the meantime, you can sum this group up in six words: Lots of hair, all the wrong color, too much of it growing on faces. Okay, a little more than six words.

Tim greeted the designers at Parsons, where the ever-changing accessory wall currently bears the name of Lord & Taylor, although in my heart it will always be the Piperlime Accessory Wall. For the first challenge, the designers had to create companion piece to a previously made piece that each of them had brought from home. I kept waiting for a twist, like, “…And your companion piece has to be made from the facial hair you walked in with.” Or something. This is the premiere of the 10th season! I guess the twist was showing in Times Square, which is honestly not that exciting. But in any case, the designers are off and sewing!

NEXT: Just a few minutes in, and we already get the best quote we can hope for this season.