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Project Runway season finale recap: Tenth Time's the Charm

The 10th winner of Project Runway is crowned. Jennifer Hudson guest-judges.

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Project Runway
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Project Runway

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UPDATE: Read my interview with the winner of Project Runway season 10!

And then we came to the end. If you’re reading this recap, you most likely know who won Project Runway season 10 already, but for the sake of narrative suspense, I’ll start from the beginning.

Chris looked shell-shocked after last week’s deservedly harsh critique. He could have handled the tear-down in one of two ways: 1) Get focused and make big changes or 2) act like a whiny child. Even though Chris has been a bit of a class clown this season, he’s always been professional and supremely competent, so I was surprised when he took the latter route. “They’re making me feel like they’re doing me a favor by moving me forward,” he bitched. Well, Chris, you’re acting like you’re doing the world a favor by staying on.

After mocking Nina a bit, Chris said, “I was confused as to what [the judges] thought they would see from me.” I honestly thought he was being facetious there. Had he not seen the looks he’s made all season? His clothes followed more of a feminine fantasy motif all along — the trio of looks he showed last week were earthy and dull.

In the meantime, the other three designers re-assessed their collections based on their critiques. Dmitry re-styled his looks to make them younger and sassier; Melissa needed to turn up the volume and add some color; and Fabio thought of ways to appease Nina by making his pieces more luxurious and expensive-looking.

The models arrived for fitting. Fabio said to his models, “Oh my God, you guys are huge,” which every woman wants to hear. (A propos of nothing, I’ve been meaning to mention this all season: Fabio is surprisingly short. Judging from his strong, rather long face, you’d expect him to be taller). Dmitry took the time to mix and match his pieces to switch them up from last week, and Melissa made an adjustment by hacking the big, floppy cuffs off of her white leather jacket. Good choice!

Melissa realized her model couldn’t walk in her white gown. Instead of widening or slitting the skirt, she decided the problem would go away on its own. For some reason Melissa kept insisting the problem was the shoes, not the dress, but lady, it’s the dress. Even the model said flat-out, “It’s not the shoes!”

NEXT: Chris has a meltdown. It’s not as ugly as an Elena meltdown, but it’s pretty close.


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