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Project Runway recap: Cover Story

The designers get a shot a Marie Claire cover featuring Heidi and colors rule the day

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Officially, the name of this week’s episode was ”Run For Cover,” but surely that’s the edited-for-television version of the original working title: ”Run Over Mila’s Ego Repeatedly (With Your Special Issue Project Runway Brother Sewing Machine) Until the Cocky Beyotch Finally Gets Her Comeuppance.”

Mila really did get it from all sides last night — from Jay (”There’s something about her that’s fake”), from Emilio (”She’s a one-note wonder”), and from the cameraman who caught her nearly taking a digger down the stairs at Mood. Her fellow designers did seem to be against her. We were barely five minutes into the episode when She of the Severe Black Bob remarked that none of her colleagues had congratulated her for coming in second on the last challenge. ”Top two! Top two!” she sang as she waved dual victory salutes. In turn, her competitors greeted her with stone-faced looks and cold silence.

That Mila seems to have been branded the Villain of season 7 strikes me as rather preposterous, frankly. She doesn’t lack confidence, I’ll agree with that. But neither does Seth ”If they put my suit on the front of Marie Claire… I’ll guarantee you they sell more copies” Aaron. And uh, just about every other cast member whose name doesn’t rhyme with Schmanna or Schmaneane. So until Mila starts rolling her eyes at Tim Gunn, stabbing her colleagues in the neck with her seam-ripper, or throwing a cat at an ex-boyfriend (hiss, hiss, Kenley Collins!), I’m not buying the she’s-the-villain narrative. Not me.

A better candidate for that distinction would be Marie Claire editor in chief Joanna Coles, who sure did bring the nasty while serving as guest judge. We first met the editrix in the mezzanine of the Hearst building, where she and Tim Gunn informed the group that they’d be designing an outfit for Heidi Klum to wear on the cover of the April issue of the mag that is apparently pronounced MARY Claire. Oooh! Ahh! A cover! With Heidi! The stakes! They are so very high! Jaws went slack and eyes bugged out. The challenge, Tim explained, was ”one of the biggest in the history of Project Runway.” You may have noticed that later in the episode, he amended his assessment: ”This is the biggest challenge in the history of Project Runway!” Who needs pesky little things like qualifiers when we’re talking about Marie Claire and Heidi Klum, people?!

For sure, having an international supermodel show off your design on the cover of a celebrated fashion publication is a big deal — momentous enough to make everyone shut the hell up in the workroom for once. Everyone, that is, except Seth Aaron, who sang, danced, snapped his fingers, talked to himself, and generally acted like a shameless, attention-seeking reality show contestant who knows that mouthy, ”kooky” cast members get the most screen time. His colleagues weren’t impressed. ”Seth Aaron is very immature…. Just shut up!” grumbled Jay. ”Did you smoke anything besides a cigarette when you went outside?” Anthony asked. Hee-hee.

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