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Project Runway recap: Best Foot Forward

When the designers have to complement their best looks, it becomes clear who shouldn’t still be there

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Christopher Straub
Mike Yarish/Lifetime Networks

Project Runway

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If all season Irina has been getting the ”Bitch Edit” (as Nicolas so humorously claimed in the latest episode of Project Runway Talk), then last night, Logan got the Loser Edit. At the top of the hour, he proclaimed the time had come for everyone to ”step outside our comfort zones.” It’s 11 weeks in. Six of you are left. Um, yeah — now’d be a good time to step it up. Then, when Heidi unveiled the challenge — each designer had to create a companion piece to compliment and enhance his or her best look — guess who was the only one who didn’t have a winning garment? Yep. Mr. Pretty Boy. And finally, thesound bite de résistance, offered by Logan himself: ”My chances to get to Bryant Park are good, just because I’m showing a different point of view.” Riiiight. And I’m going to win the Pulitzer Prize for filling my TV recaps with random references to Siouxsie and the Banshees. (Happy Halloween, all!)

The episode kicked off with the usual musings on who’s still standing, and we got a glimpse of the gals enjoying a morning gab about their dominance this season. (Love those blue hair rollers, Althea!) Once Carol Hannah and Althea had successfully coordinated their twin belts — red and silver leather, respectively — the designers trooped on over to FIDM, where they turned their backs to the runway until Heidi gave them the okay to turn around. Since Logan was the only one without a win under his belt, the producers chose his silver-gray gown from the very first challenge. Have we ever been given a clearer illustration of Logan’s lack of ability than this? After week one, it was one long slide downhill.

Off to Mood they went, with $100. For the zillionth time, Christopher gassed on with false confidence, vowing that this would be the challenge in which he’d redeem himself. He talked about his strength in gowns… while sketching what looked like a Bratz doll swaddled in Christmas popcorn garlands. He proclaimed, ”I’m gonna go big. I’m gonna go huge!”… while purchasing 30 yards of lining. Later, he said, ”I think when my garment walks down the runway, they’re going to look at it and go, that’s a Christopher piece.” Yes, a Christopher piece… of crap.

Carol Hannah’s nerves were more than a little frayed last night. She expressed concern that she hadn’t showed the judges anything but dresses so far. And at Mood, she fretted about whether she should bite the bullet and go for separates. Tellingly, Tim gave her this advice: avoid the pants, stay in your comfort zone, and within that zone, knock it out the damn park. A few minutes later, when Carol Hannah was confounded before her dress form, Tim helped her out again, encouraging her to layer the black and blue-green chiffon. I wonder: Has Tim ever been this generous with the wisdom in seasons past? I think not — because there’s never been a cast so in need of his assistance.

Back in the workroom, Gordana observed that the tension had risen to new heights. ”Everybody’s nervous,” she explained. Nervous and, in the case of Logan, maybe a little too eager to play head games? ”They look like Malvin’s pants,” he told Althea, referring to the chicken-thigh fiasco that got the eggs-eptionally eccentric designer auf’d in week two. When Althea bristled at this comparison, he dismissed her with a curt ”Don’t be so sensitive.” Obviously Logan is not familiar with the adage hell hath no fury like a woman scorned by a pretty boy hack who thinks suspenders epitomize Hollywood chic and who should have been ousted weeks ago but has been skating by because Heidi thinks he’s cute and the judging has been totally whackadoodle this season. Eh-hem.

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