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Project Runway recap: Fit for a Queen

Daniel meets his end when the drag queens prove too outrageous for his ”high-end tastes.”

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When do you know you’re witnessing a good episode of Project Runway? When RuPaul is there, quoting Meryl Streep in an Aussie accent. ”Did a dingo eat your baby too, mate? You’ve got a lot of excuses,” the guest judge said to Keith after the designer tried defending his shredded mess of a garment on the runway. Love it! And I think I might just try that retort on my husband the next time he attempts to explain why he has failed, yet again, to place his dirty socks in the hamper, not near it. Whatis it with men and dirty socks?!

Anyway, after a number of weeks of so-so episodes, Bravo finally delivers one that’s fun enough to remind us of the good ole days ofRunway, before designers starting aping past contestants and arriving equipped with their own ready-made TV personas. The lesson learned this week? It takes a bevy of royal ladies in sequins, boas, and platform boots to amp up the excitement at this stage of the game. I disagree with you, Stella. These broads are classy!

After our beloved Chris March made a triumphant, sparkly return to the Parsons set — sporting Viking horns and gigantic, disco ball boobs, no less — the drag queens introduced themselves to the designers. They all had a snappy, quippy line to offer. When Sweetie proclaimed that she was known as ”New York City’s big-titted, honky soul mama,” the camera cut straight to a smiling Jerell. (Happenstance? I think not.) Also, Suede’s ”head of ocean”? Is that what that ridiculous stripe of blue fauxhawk is supposed to be?

Once the designers had each chosen their d.q., they headed back to the sewing room, where Tim encouraged them to ”be theatrical and over the top” when creating a look for their larger-than-life ladies. Terri seemed happier than anyone, explaining that this was the challenge she’d been waiting for. She loves her some drag queens — and as she later informed us, she also loves a ”wardrobe malfunction.” While Stella got busy with — what else? — her grommets, Daniel expounded on his high-end tastes (blah, blah, blah), and pretty much everyone bitched about Keith’s predilection for swatches.

In his corner, Joe looked about as comfortable as a cat in a bubble bath. He admitted he felt completely out of his element, adding that designing for drag queens reminded him of ”making a Halloween costume for my daughters.” This, of course, was meant to get us thinking that he was in t-r-o-u-b-l-e. But by the time he was strutting around the work room wearing Varla Jean Merman’s bountiful bra, it was clear this season’s R.S.G. (that’s Resident Straight Guy) was capable of getting his fabulous on. Ditto Korto, who, despite claiming she too was out of her comfort zone, managed to bust out what we now recognize as her characteristic magic at the sewing machine. Then there’s Blayne. In what has to be his most blatant Christian rip-off yet, he pranced around the room, proclaiming that if he were a drag queen he’d be ”Neonlicious.” Echoes of Ferocia Coutura much? To quote Leanne: ”barflicious.”

NEXT: Tim Gunn delivers the line we’ve been waiting for all season.