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Project Runway Junior recap: #OOTD

The designers hit the streets of New York to find inspiration for ‘Seventeen’ magazine.

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Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

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Last week the Project Runway Junior producers scared their teen contestants by pairing them with Knicks City Dancers; this week they do it by sending them to talk to the people of New York City. And if you’ve ever been to New York City/seen a movie or TV show about New York City/know anything about New York City, you know that’s not an easy task.

Aya Kanai is the “special guest” on this challenge because — surprise! — it’s the Seventeen magazine challenge. Based on the #OOTD (“outfit of the day”) social media trend, the challenge requires the designers to find inspiration from one look they find on the streets…in 30 minutes.

Rude New Yorkers with blurred faces ignore and completely dismiss these adorable teens. Peytie and Jaxson seem to have the worst time. They can’t get anyone to even look their direction as they timidly say, “hi.” Samantha’s got this, though. As a Brooklynite, she’s ready to “talk to [her] people” — and with all the fashion on 7th Avenue, she finds a man in dirty cargo pants to photograph.

After finding their street fashion, the designers learn that the winning look will be featured in Seventeen magazine. Screaming ensues. They set to work on their looks, but it isn’t long before Tim is back in the workroom for critiques.

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Peytie has a pants, top, and jacket combination that has Tim concerned. The top half is great, but the pants are made out of a fabric that’s reminiscent of a hospital gown. Once Peytie hears that and sees it, she can’t unsee it… The problem is she doesn’t have any other fabric to choose from. Jaxson is in a similar predicament. He’s using white (apparently he didn’t learn from Bridget), and Tim thinks it’s too basic. So in a moment of benevolence, Tim opens Mini Mood for 15 minutes to help those two select new fabrics.

The final six designers continue working until the models arrive, and I’m struck by how amazing these kids are. They’re all so supportive of one another, even in confessionals. When Lifetime announced this show, I was concerned we’d see young diva behavior like on Project Runway Threads, but these kids have been nothing but pleasant and enjoyable to watch.

Anyway, Zach has a problem with his shirt not fitting his model, so he switches tops at the eleventh hour. Jaxson realizes his shirt is too costumey, so he also changes tops; he creates a new one with a gray fabric he had pulled from Mini Mood.

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