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Project Runway Junior recap: A Very Special Guest

The First Lady stops by (virtually) to explain this week’s challenge.

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Barbara Nitke

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Our “Very Special Guest” was a guest via video screen for approximately 30 seconds in the whole episode, but it’s still pretty cool for these kids. Michelle Obama talked directly to them about their challenge. They’ll be creating a fashionable look for the modern girl on the go. As an advocate for adolescent girls around the world, FLOTUS talks about her work with Let Girls Learn. The winner of this challenge will get to take part in this organization in a special way: He or she will design a backpack for Lands’ End with proceeds going to support this global awareness for girls’ education.

So with that overly complicated explanation out of the way, let’s get on to the challenge. Each designer spins a wheel to decide if they will be designing for School, Travel, Sporty, Party, or Work. Most of the designers are fluid enough that they’ll have no problems with the categories they received…except poor Jaxson. He receives Sporty. He only designs gowns and couture. This should be interesting.

Before the designers can get to work, they have to say happy birthday to Maya. She just turned the big 1-4. And Tim Gunn wishes her happy birthday, so she’ll never be able to top this one. She peaked at 14. Sorry, Maya, but happy birthday.

During Mood shopping, there are already a few problems arising: Jesse doesn’t have a clear vision, so he’s just grabbing random fabrics. Jaxson is worried he’s going to costumey, so to combat that he’s asking himself, “What would Sporty Spice wear?” That may not be the best way to get around being costumey.

Victoria is also having problems — and Zachary calls her out in the workroom for making the same top as before. It’s a little catty, but somehow he gets away with it. And it’s somewhat beneficial because it causes Victoria to think. She is a little insecure and doesn’t want the judges to think she’s one note. When Tim comes for critiques he basically designs a whole new look for her, which isn’t exactly fair. As Zachary says, “She’s a seamstress” at this point, not a designer. But I can see that Tim really cares for these young designers and wants to teach them.

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But Tim brings more than just design ideas with him, though. He also brings a former Peace Corps volunteer into the workroom. I have no idea what purpose she serves, but I’m a little upset with the Project Runway Junior producers. I’m a former Peace Corps volunteer, and no one asked me to visit the workroom! And I would have loved to because I need to become friends with Maya. I know she’s 14 and I’m a grown woman and it’s weird, but I don’t care. You guys, she’s so cool!

You know who’s also cool? Matt. He sees Jaxson’s silver romper and says, “It looks like he was designing for Neil Armstrong’s drag persona.” I mean are these lines written for these kids?? I was not this witty as a teenager — or now. Anyway, enough about me, let’s get to the runway show!

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