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Project Runway Junior recap: All Dressed Up for the Car Wash

It’s time for an unconventional challenge!

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Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

Project Runway Junior

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It’s week two on Project Runway Junior, and the differences from the original are becoming more apparent: No sponsored accessories wall, no pre-runway styling, judges who can’t keep a poker face during the runway show, no guest judges, and designers who genuinely encourage and support one another.

But the similarities are still there, and this week it’s in the Unconventional Challenge. Tim Gunn tells the kids to get dressed up for a limo ride…which takes them through a car wash where the kids can’t stop screaming. (Favorite line of the night: “It’s a car wash, calm down.”) On the other side, Hannah and Tim and an abudance of car-wash supplies are there to greet them. The designers have three minutes to stuff two bags full of sponges, car mats, hoses, license plates, reflectors, fuzzy dice, and more.

The teen designers feel the need to say approximately 10,000 times how they’ve never done an unconventional challenge — but it doesn’t show in their looks. Zachary and Maya are using pinwheels with ease; Jesse starts designing with keychains like it’s nobody’s business; and Jaxson is incredibly at home with fringe banners. However, that’s not the case for everyone: Ysabel is struggling with her design. When Tim comes to the room, he says her skirt is looking a bit Gilligan’s Island, a reference she hilariously does not get.

But even with unconventional materials and only a day to use them, the designers don’t have major construction issues. The most problematic is Jaxson, who is still struggling to finish the morning of the runway show. Because these kids are adorable and so helpful to one another, Maya completes her look early and helps Jaxson finish by hot-glue-gunning the bejesus out of his look. There’s a lot of hot-glue-gunning going on in the room actually, but it all gets completed in time for the show.

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