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Project Runway All Stars recap: Headcases and Hasidism

Mondo has an existential crisis. Austin Scarlett peels off his mustache.

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Barbara Nitke

Project Runway All Stars

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I’d normally complain about this penultimate episode of All Stars, which had neither a runway show nor “hometown visits,” to borrow a phrase from The Bachelor. With only four days (four!) to work on their final collections, and only a 24-hour visit from just one eliminated-contestant-turned-assistant, it all felt like finale-lite. But however. But however. The episode began and ended with my beloved Joanna Coles, and in the last five minutes, Austin Scarlett morphed into a glittery pink dragon that spits out only magical one-liners… I could barely keep up!

But first, stop the presses. Austin Scarlett ripped off shaved his elementary-school-music-teacher-from-Santa-Fe mustache. Now he looks even more like Juliet Stevenson.

Angela met the designers with her usual creepy-baby-eyes to explain the final challenge. Because this is All Stars, the designers would have an even less time than the typical Lifetime-era Project Runway contestant to complete their final collections. Five looks in four days! (We already knew it was actually six, thanks to an EW exclusive!) They’ll present their looks at not-Fashion Week. Again, the Runway producers are either A) convinced that viewers like seeing thrown-together garments or B) limited to an especially tight budget/schedule this season.

Before they headed to Mood, the designers breezed into the Hearst Building to visit Joanna in her natural habitat, the offices of Marie Claire! Two summers ago I interned at O, The Oprah Magazine two floors above Marie Claire, and I really think the Hearst Building is one of the most beautiful office buildings in New York. (EW’s still the best place to work!) You feel like a powerful editrix riding the escalator past the tinkling lobby waterfall, which is so relaxing you want to tinkle yourself, and the view of Central Park from every floor is killer. And then there’s Joanna Coles — she’s the real vision!

Joanna conducted a job interview of sorts with the designers, since one of the many prizes for the winner is a guest editor position at the magazine. I help choose the interns for EW, and I have to say, Mondo and Austin Scarlett would have impressed me, though Michael… not so much. He said, “It’s a route I can take to help better my career” (emphasis his).

The designers then went to the park for inspiration. Michael saw lots of grass and trees and thought “green.” Who said this guy didn’t have vision? Austin Scarlett had the idea of creating a wedding dress to end his runway show. “There’s something so fantastically fashion about ending a collection in a beautiful wedding dress.” I think that’s more fantastically Shakespearean comedy than fantastically fashion, but that’s okay. And Mondo? He’s not feeling inspired. Damn it, Mondo, get it together!

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