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Project Runway All Stars recap: Bait and Stitch

When fabric choices are taken out of the designers’ hands, things don’t go well

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Project Runway All Stars

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Always let your conscience fabric be your guide.

That’s essentially what Alyssa Milano tells the all stars when she meets them at Mood for their seventh challenge. She points out that fabric has been a “real talking point this season” (isn’t it always?), so they’re going to take the fabric choice out of the equation this week Last week’s winner, Ken, then hands out the envelopes that state what fabric they’ll be using.

Ken: silk charmeuse.

Valerie: linen

Asha: neoprene

Layana: lightweight cotton

Dom: jersey knits

Kini: brocade (oof)

Emily: denim

Sam: lace

Alexander: upholstery (double oof)

So with $200 and only 30 minutes, the designers select their specific textiles in order to design high-end evening resort wear. And if you are thinking, “How will they make high-end evening resort wear in denim, brocade, or UPHOLSTERY?” you are not alone. The designers are pretty thrown by the challenge, but they all end up finding fabrics they’re satisfied with and head back to the workroom.

And, surprise! Alyssa is there to tell them about the All Star twist. Now that they’ve all found fabrics with which they can “make it work,” they have to give them away. Starting with Ken, he gets to pick someone else’s fabric, and they all “bait and switch” until everyone has a different textile.

So Ken, who is “mad as hell,” takes Asha’s neoprene.

Asha steals Dom’s jersey knit.

Dom steals Valerie’s linen.

Valerie steals Layana’s lightweight cotton.

Layana takes Ken’s silk charmeuse.

Emily takes Alexander’s upholstery (why, why, why?).

And Alexander grabs Emily’s denim.

Which means that besties Sam and Kini swap their lace and brocade. As Sam says about the whole switcheroo, “It’s like getting coal under your Christmas tree.”

So with new textiles, the designers begin to sketch. The vibe in the workroom is…not great. They’re all in bad moods about the fabrics they’ve ended up with. Emily probably suffers the worst.

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Alexander had purchased a small amount of a red upholstery fabric and a lot of a sheer polka-dotted upholstery fabric. Emily absolutely hates the polka-dot print, so with the small amount of red, she decides to make a dress. When Zanna comes to do critiques, she’s not a fan. She thinks the fabric is heavy (I imagine that’ll happen with upholstery fabric), and Emily needs to work on making it a lighter, more “resort” resort-wear look. So once their mentor leaves, Emily starts over. She works on a crop top and shorts with the sheer fabric as a skirt over top. I’m having flashbacks to the time she made those sheer shorts, but Emily’s feeling it.

After model fittings, Sam begins struggling with his jumpsuit look. The brocade just isn’t working for him. Kini attributes the problems to Sam always making jumpsuits. “Do something else,” he says. What’s that phrase about the pot calling the kettle black? So, anyway, Sam stares at his fabric for a long time and finally decides to make a gown.

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